The best recipe for blood purification of cholesterol with the help of tea leaves! Flushes salt from the blood of all.

Purification of vessels from cholesterol - a procedure that from time to time be useful to all. Net of salt and blood cholesterol - means a strong immune system and even get rid of chronic diseases

Folk remedies for vessels are trouble-free.! Here is one of them, the ingredients - more than available. These are all salts and toxins from the body!

How to clean sosudyIngredienty
1/5 hours. Milk 1/4 hours. The black tea of ​​medium strength welding < /

Mix warm milk and warm tea. to drink 4 cups of the tool during the day. It is better to stick to a moderate diet, give up meat, eggs and fatty foods in the prevention of days The course of treatment -. A week, a week to repeat

. You can add 2 pinches of salt in a cleansing tea in the morning, and a spoonful of honey - in the evening. This is a very powerful tool, if you have a serious disease, such as atherosclerosis, better to consult a doctor. If you have problems with the kidneys, it is necessary to use the tool with caution!

This means for liquefaction and purification of blood immediately affect your health in a couple of days of treatment you will feel better. No atherosclerosis will not be afraid!

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