7 the popular techniques that will help you get rid of herpes during the day!

< Herpes - One of the most insidious diseases. And even if the illness is mild and disturbs you only twice a year, in this pleasant little ...

Especially annoying characteristic rash on the lips, which are not only uncomfortable itching, but also looks disgusting, making for a few days to hide away from prying eyes.

< «Website» will tell you about the seven Traditional methods that will help you get rid of herpes rash for just one day!

folk remedies for herpes
  1. Milk
    Moisten a cotton ball with milk fat content of 1% and apply to the affected spot herpes (if not the desired fat content of milk, you can use any). Do not wash and do not eat until the very dry milk. Repeat this procedure every 2-3 hours, and in the evening the swelling should go.

    Licorice root, which is also known as licorice root - the perfect remedy for herpes. Grind it into powder, add boiling water to get mushy mixture and apply it directly to the rash. It is best to do this procedure at night and only in the morning to wash away from the face of the remnants of liquorice.

    Hydrogen peroxide
    If lip blisters have already managed to jump out, it is best to cauterize them with hydrogen peroxide. Do this every 2-3 hours, and in the evening your face will be clean again.

    Garlic is also great helping with herpes. Squeeze one clove garlic press and attach the resulting slurry to the affected area. This method is only suitable for home treatment, but it is extremely effective!

    essential oil
    Unlike garlic essential oil of mint is not only well-herpetic rash heals, but also smells great. So we can safely use it in public places, even three times a day, putting it on inflamed skin. This is the best remedy for herpes on the lips , I believe!

    Aloe Vera
    Also great for herpes helps aloe juice. It lubricates the affected area every 2 hours, or simply applied svezheotlomlenny leaf.

    Do you think it's too easy to be true? But in fact the ice perfectly helps with the first symptoms of herpes. As soon as he felt that your lips are swollen, apply to them a piece of ice. He will remove swelling and slow down the development of the virus, thereby helping the body to fight the infection faster.

    Knowing these simple tips, you will no longer worry about their appearance during acute herpes infection: we discovered the secret, than to treat herpes in the home. Share these traditional methods with their friends, they will thank you!


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