That looked like the most horrible monster of Humanity in childhood

All children come into this world innocent, does not it? Not all of us grow great, and because in the children's photographs no one would ever detect this.

< 1. A very serious young man.

Looking at the picture, you would have to believe that when he grows up, will be responsible for one of the greatest tragedies in the world

Heinrich Himmler -? was once a bankrupt farmer. He then became head of the Gestapo and the Waffen-SS, and also one of the most influential German Nazis. He committed suicide when British troops captured it.

2. The blue-eyed boy

This child grows up and becomes the evil genius of the 20th century.

Yes Yes. This Adolf Hitler.

The leader of Nazi Germany and the initiator of the Holocaust, Hitler is considered a model of all evil.

3. Smiling boy with a dog.

If the blond boy with the world stripped least half of his love for a dog, it would be possible to prevent 17 deaths.

< Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer notorious as a serial killer, rapist, necrophiliac and cannibal. His victims were 17 young people whose body parts were kept in his freezer. He was found completely sane. In prison, he was beaten to death.

< 4. The boy with the piercing eyes.

He grew up and his eyes pierced the soul of its people, ignoring their cries for mercy.

< Kim Jong Il

The second ruler of North Korea's Kim dynasty was a dictator who led his people to poverty and hunger, as well as the cruel persecution, mass murder and rape. His son continues the legacy in the 21st century.

< 5. It looks very calm baby

Calm view of the face of the boy makes him seem ready to take responsibility for more than ten million deaths in his country.

< Mao

Mao was a dictator in China from 1943 to 1976, during which he was responsible for the deaths of millions of people as a result of his execution, starvation, and mass suicides. All these efforts were made to make China a global superpower.

< 6. Whimsical baby.

Mozart Is this true? Not really. This portrait depicts a key figure of the French Revolution, in which thousands were killed.

< Maximilien Robespierre

Robespierre is a basic example of how power corrupts people. He started out as a man of the people, but has become a cold-blooded dictator. He killed 40,000 people in just 10 months, including the French royal couple.

7. Boy Sailor

For many years, which forced him to wear this form must be had a negative impact on the psyche of the future leader.

< Benito Mussolini

Mussolini was one of the founders of the fascist doctrine that used brutal methods in their wars against the Ethiopian Empire and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He used mustard gas in the direction of civilians, bombed the Red Cross Hospital, and he also ordered mass executions without trial.

< 8. Big-boy from the Middle East.

This guy looks like he's in a conspiracy to kill more than 3000 civilians ...

Osama Bin Laden

Born in Saudi Arabia, Islamist, with a base of operations in Afghanistan, he was responsible for both the mujahideen war against the Soviet occupation and the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11.

< 9. Interested young people

Can you believe that the child will grow up to be responsible for the tragic genocide of his people?

< Saddam

Hussein was a dictator in Iraq between 1989 and 2003 that killed up to a million of his people before his regime was overthrown by the international coalition in the US chapter. He was caught and executed in 2006.

< 10. The boy with an expression of curiosity on his face

I wonder if he thinks about the inevitability of death?

< Joseph Stalin

Born in Georgia, the heir to the Lenin of the Soviet Union, is responsible for at least more than 10 million deaths in the days of his regime by the executions, killings, forced displacement, starvation, references to the Gulag.

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