Man Made From Slum Bangladesh Air from plastic bottles

Inventor Ashis Paul came up with an innovative way to get cool air into the house via the air conditioner out of plastic bottles, which does not require electricity.

In Rajbari, Bangladesh, in the summer the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius. Fleeing from the heat by means of conventional cooling devices, most people living in rural areas can not, because they have no electricity. Therefore Ashis Paul innovator decided to make life easier for these people and began experimenting.

To solve the problem, the developer has created a special shield to cut through it round holes. It is inserted in the wall of the house, like a mosquito net in the window. The holes are cut in half plastic bottles, cut the lids secured.

The hot air passes through the bottle enters the house has cooled.

Due to the change in pressure (when the air enters into the wider part of the bottle and out through the bottleneck) air in the room is cooled to 5 degrees Celsius.

To spread the eco-conditioners for Human Settlements sent a team of specialists who will teach farmers to make and install these air conditioners.

Developers have reported that the production of such cooling devices virtually free and people get immediate results. Ashis Paul device is not going to patent. That is the idea to use it anyone can.

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