9 reasons due to which you need to keep away from gadgets children up to 12 years

We have become accustomed to even small children quite quickly learn to handle tablets and smartphones, in addition to them created a lot of bright and exciting games and applications. But the danger is actually fraught with newfangled gadgets?

< Website offers to find some time to read this article, which is based on scientific research, will tell you what kind of damage can cause to our children too much passion for modern technology.

1. Rapid growth of the brain from birth to 2 years of a child's brain grows in size three times and continues to grow up to 21 years. The impact of modern gadgets on the developing brain (cell phones, internet, TV) further accelerates its development - but this is not always good. As revealed in the course of research, the use of gadgets can lead to the syndrome of attention deficit, cognitive delays in development, difficulties in training and tantrums.

2. The delay in the development of the Movement - the guarantee of health, in addition, it enhances attention and learning. But the enthusiastic modern toys children move much less - and, as a consequence, begin to lag behind in development.

3. Problems with excess weight

The researchers also found that being overweight in children is correlated with the time spent playing video games and watching television. For example, children who are allowed to use various electronic gadgets in their own bedrooms, up to 30% more likely to suffer from obesity. In turn, 30% of obese children will most likely diabetes, besides fat people are more prone to early heart attacks and strokes.

4. Lack of sleep 60% of parents do not monitor how much time their child spends with gadgets. Of course the children sit up late and not get enough sleep, bring down your schedule or even suffer from insomnia - this is not the best way affects their health

5.. Mental illness Numerous studies also assert the following: excessive use of modern devices and toys can become a cause of childhood depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, autism, biopolyarnogo disorders, psychosis and other problems in the child's behavior.

6. Aggression

Little children with their weak and unsettled psyche is particularly heavily exposed to the fact that TV shows and games, where one can often see scenes of murders, mutilation, torture and rape. Of course, this leads to the development of aggression in children.

7. Information overload A huge amount of information (eg, the media) can also affect the development of attention deficit disorder, as well as lead to reduced concentration and memory impairment. Ultimately, it becomes difficult for children to concentrate and study normally.

8. Attachment to the gadget happens that parents are more and spend more time with their laptops and smartphones, while on communication with children they do not have enough time. If there is no attachment to parents, some children may find comfort in modern toys and get a real dependence on them.

9. Radiated Children are much more sensitive than adults to the same of their brain and the immune system continues to evolve. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to even the possible risk - so, for example, a radiation emissions from mobile phones. The World Health Organization has carried them and other wireless devices to a category 2B - possibly carcinogenic.

All of these possible consequences - a reason to think about the health and future of your children This does not mean that they need to fully protect from the latest technologies, but try to give them. something bright and carefree childhood with live communication, games, walks and books, which had been in yourself.

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