Couples who share the household duties, happier than those who do not

They say that real men have to go to work and support his family. And their fine half the time should stay at home to look after children and create a family comfort. But if your clock does not lag behind by several decades, you are bound to say that this division of roles has become outdated. Now the girls take care of his career no less than men, and every day go to work. And returning home ... with his head dipped into the household chores: cleaning needs to be done, make dinner, wash the dishes. It must have their husbands just are not aware of studies that have shown that division of domestic responsibilities in love makes life much happier.

Nbcnews.comPervoe such study conducted by Matt Johnson of the University of Alberta in Canada. He studied nearly fifteen hundred pairs, and came to the unequivocal conclusion that the division of household hassle - the fastest way to harmony in relationships

. "Very few people like to do housework. But if a man makes his companion, she feels that her value, and experiences much less irritation "- said the researcher

. In addition, an equal division of responsibilities lovers less tired, which means enough strength until late at night - then already you can relax, forget about cleaning and make a little mess in the bedroom

. This simple secret can literally save those who are just starting to build a family life. After interviewing 220 couples who have been married for no longer than 2 years, it became clear that it is equal division of responsibilities has helped them survive the first family problems and to achieve mutual understanding. Often the girls were ready to forget all the quarrels as soon as their husbands took in hand dishwashing detergent.

These small discoveries show how important it is to share equally in love with not only happy moments, but a boring daily routine. So if you dream of a strong and healthy relationship, do not forget to share with each other small household difficulties. Men should only ladies often offer their help. And happiness is not long to wait, you'll see.



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