How to clean the stove knob from grease and dirt. This tool will replace your expensive household chemicals!

Often with cleaning pens plates from dirt and grease problems, especially if they are not removed. But experienced hostess found a great way to solve this problem. You will only have one component that can be purchased at any drug store for a little money.

After cleaning, the result is so good that, most likely, you will use this tool again and again!

How to clean pens plity

You need
ear cotton buds an old toothbrush ammonia-anise drops

The use of ammonia-anise drops perfectly clean these surfaces. McNee cotton swab into the tool and rub dirt place. Good Walk on the corners and at the joints between the handles and stove.

If the fat is strongly ingrained, please use a toothbrush and the usual sponge!

Remember, all work should be done with gloves to protect your hands. Always has done this procedure after the holidays. During this period, stove more than ever needs to be cleaned.

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