Extends the life of your favorite flavor! 7 tricks, how to strengthen the stability of the perfume.

Not so hard to pick up a scent, like to extend the durability of their odor Familiar, is not it? Therefore, if you want to smell as much as possible, read the following simple tricks.

You make sure that the Secrets long flavor really easy!

How to extend the smell of a loved parfyuma

First of all, Pumps spirits are not "anywhere" and on the point with the most intense surge:. for example, on the inside of the wrists, elbows, behind the earlobes, on bending the knees Do not mix several flavors, because it only reduces the resistance of the spirits . It is advised to use one day a perfume line, which includes a shower gel, and cream, and deodorant and perfume itself. hair hold flavor better than leather. Spray them a small amount of perfume, but preferably with a distance of 20-30 cm Another option -. Literally cause a drop of perfume on a hairbrush. In these cases, use hairspray is not worth it Pumps perfume 30-40 minutes before going out, when just starting to gather Perfumes should not spray on clothes -. It "remembers "the strongest flavors. Then change the smell is difficult A little secret: to put on the necessary point of Vaseline and just over - drops of your favorite flavor!. Then the perfume droplets will cling to fat basis and not to sink in the skin pores. And if he know how to make natural perfumes at home, adds a few drops of glycerol It also enhances their durability. Trying to increase the "vitality" of the fragrance, do not reach fanaticism. You may feel that the smell is too weak, but, believe me, surrounding it great feel. This fragrant really too zealous not worth it!

After listening to the recommendations of professional perfumers, you can not only enhance resistance perfume, but also feel much more confident. Beware: it is possible to make someone mad

! Perfumes - a delicate matter ... More my friends with such tricks



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