Gelatin for joints: how to rebuild cartilage in just a week.

From the joint diseases no one is immune: as athletes and people leading less active lifestyle may suffer from ailments such unpleasant ...

The fact that the basis of the connective tissue of cartilage, tendon, and bone is collagen , the synthesis of which in the human body decreases with age. And it is this protein provides the elasticity and strength of the joints!

Fortunately, there is a proven remedy for joint pain, to strengthen bones and cartilage recovery. The effectiveness of this simple and affordable home medication is confirmed not only by connoisseurs of traditional medicine, but also professionals. Gelatin - here is the savior, which will help get rid of the crunch and pain, as well as restore freedom

Gelatin movements for sustavov

5g gelatin zaley overnight 100 g of cold water. Morning, mix the gelatin swollen with 100 g of warm water and place in a water bath. The solution was heated up until all of the pellet has melted, but do not let the gelatin boil. This medicine for joints to drink on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. If the taste so unpleasant that you can not drink the orange juice was added to the solution.

Gelatin is better absorbed by the body in combination with vitamin C, therefore, recommended to add to the infusion of rose hips medicine or vitamin tablet itself. . The course of treatment - 1 month

You can make Milk Jelly
There is no desire to prepare something -. Do packs with gelatin ! To begin to moisten a bandage in hot water and wring it out. Fold it several times while going to sleep a little gelatine powder between the layers of the bandage. Such a compress is applied to the aching joints wrapped in plastic wrap and put the elastic bandage. Compress only relieves pain in the joints, but the procedure is especially good for those who gelatin contraindicated. The course of treatment - 1 month

jelly, gelatin mermaids, jelly -. meals that can be savored without remorse for the prevention joint diseases
As we mentioned above, gelatin treatment is contra
Good health to you and your loved ones!


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