You've never tasted such a delicious cabbage ... The best recipe!

My family does not like cabbage. But everything changed when I tried to prepare her for this recipe! If extinguish cabbage with meat and spices right, you get a deliciously fragrant dish ...

This dish is reminiscent of the traditional bigos and is preparing a similar way. The only difference is that it uses fresh cabbage, and often take for Bigos sauerkraut. You can try to cook different and to choose what tasty.

Braised cabbage with myasomIngredienty
1 onion 4 potatoes 3 carrots 3 tbsp. water 3 cloves garlic 1 bay leaf 2 tbsp. l. sugar 2 tbsp. l. apple cider vinegar 0, 5, ch. l. ground black pepper 1 head cabbage 500 g beef butter for frying

Preparation li> This recipe is well suited for Multivarki, but you can simmer the cabbage in a conventional deep saucepan. Finely we shall cut onions and potatoes, sodium carrots and fry all in butter. Add the water grated garlic, finely crumbled bay leaf, sugar and vinegar. Pour this mixture of onions, potatoes and carrots. Add meat, nazrezannoe into pieces and shredded cabbage. Carcasses cabbage over low heat for an hour or cook in multivarka, putting on it the appropriate mode.

Look at this wonderful videoretsept! Here cabbage cooked in medlennovarke, but even the usual method of preparation of the dish will not taste worse.

For meat lovers there is an additional trick: before quenching fry beef pieces in vegetable oil, then add the cabbage. You can also add a little bacon, smoked sausage during cooking, if you respect these products. It turns incredibly fragrant!

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