How to grow cucumbers on a 1000 m² 1: simple secrets.

Well, who does not love fresh or preserved crunchy cucumbers? Probably no one festive meal is complete without this delicious vegetable. I agree that there is nothing better than the cucumbers grown in the home. Unfortunately, they require the relative space in the garden. Big plot of land boasts not one.

Therefore, we have prepared the way to help you grow cucumbers in bags 1 m² and have more than 1,000 fetuses. Let's begin ...

How to Grow ogurtsy

Take a dense polyethylene bags or sugar-volume of 70 liters. Vsyp them the land of the layers of soil and manure. Bag stand upright. It is desirable in a small recess. In the middle of each bag paste two-meter wooden stick. At the end of the stick and nailed tie binding for future cucumbers. In each bag to insert the plastic tube 3 with small holes along its length. They need watering Seed cucumbers (3 pcs.) Planting between the sticks, and the other -. In a staggered manner in the side sections in the bag. Incisions are made in the form of a triangle, folded and there planted the seeds. Each bag should be about 15 seeds. watered the earth through plastic tubes. This should be done every day, if the summer is hot. When cool, then less frequently. When the 5-7 leaves, tie them to stick with the bindings. It is best to plant different varieties of vegetables. This will harvest right up to frost the most.

Take into service these tricks for growing cucumbers in a bag and use them to health. Of course, in the process you add his observations, which we ask to share with us!

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