13 tricks for cooking the most delicious dishes! Take on arms ...

This chef talk only to the elite, but I was able to learn a piece of valuable experience from one master kitchen!

Having resorted to a little trick, you can prepare any dish perfectly. Rich taste, pleasant aroma, wonderful presentation - a sin not to take advantage of these brilliant culinary tips for the best result

Cooking Tricks
  1. White Wine in the sauce can replace 2 hours. L. sugar, melted in a small amount of vinegar. Experiment with different sauces: only 1 tsp.. soy sauce in a soup or stew will greatly improve the taste of food!

  2. To the meat was very soft and well-roasted, it is necessary to rub his soda and put in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then, the meat must be well rinsed from soda and cook in a conventional manner. It turns gentlest dish!

    The trick for the delicious pancakes ! After the dough you need to give it a "rest" for an hour, and only then cook pancakes. < fish will not fall apart when frying, salt if it is 15 minutes before the start of cooking. To roast turned out tasty, put in a pan with a piece of lemon peel. Do not throw adhering to the pan fried pieces! This miracle ingredient that keeps the basic taste and smell of food. Pour into the pan a little water, wine, broth or sauce, gently separate the zazharku from the pan and add to the main dish.

    Dumplings never seethe if you smazhesh edge yolk dough! It's brilliant, I think. The most delicious way of cooking cauliflower - it stew in milk. Even those who hate cabbage, will love this taste! If cooking purified carrot to add the water half a cup of apple juice, you get incredibly flavorful, juicy carrot! For frying on the products form a golden crust, add a pinch of sugar or powdered sugar. Because of the salt and pepper sugar will not be felt, and crisp guaranteed!

    The secret to a successful flan sprinkle the dough with white breadcrumbs, and only then on luggage fruit. Crackers in the preparation of the cake will absorb any excess moisture, and the juice will not flow! It is fresh bread will cut easily and beautifully, if you use a hot knife.

    Any mess will be much tastier if ignited before cooking grits on a hot pan with a small amount of vegetable oil.

    If you thought this amusing cooking tips , is sure to share them with loved ones! And remember: Love - the main ingredient in the recipe of any dish ...


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