She did this exercise only 1 time in 2 days. Spina stopped hurting immediately!

If you are tormented by a sharp pain in his back and neck, there are problems with pressure and you often wake up in a dream, these exercises - what you need! This complex is made up of simple postures Yoga for Beginners

Already after the third training under this scheme you will feel how the body became obedient, and the muscles become stronger. You will become stronger and better sleep to recover during sleep, my head cleared up, it will be easier to solve immediate problems. Any pain that appears in the lower back and neck, disappear! I did not believe until he tried to do himself.

Yoga for beginners at home
pose for relaxation
Sit cross-legged, feel like relaxing and lengthening the spine. You can be pulled up slightly, leaning on crossed legs. Sit in this position a few minutes to breathe as deeply as possible and smoother. This will help to tune the effective charging, and lower stress levels.

Forward Bend
Sit up, straighten your legs in front of him. Slowly reach for the toes. Focuses on the stretch while exhaling - at this point the tendon and leg muscles are more pliable for maximum tension. Repeat 5 times so.

Child Pose
Get on your knees, put them on the shoulder-width apart, keep your hands behind the body. Slowly lean forward, put his head down completely. In such a relaxed pose Spend 3-4 minutes with breaks, breathe deeply and evenly, feel like the back rest.

Put your right hand on your left knee. Fix the left hand behind the body, slowly turn to the left. Heads turn with the housing - see left. Breathe as deeply as you can! Slowly return to starting position, felt the drag and side oblique abdominal muscles, hip muscles. Repeat the same with the right foot.

Goddess Pose
Lie down on your back, bend your knees and couple the soles of the feet together. Holding hands on the sides free. Breathe evenly, try to stretch the inner thigh muscles and feel it. Stay in this position as long as you comfortably - 2 minutes is enough.

Feet on the wall
Lift straight legs and put them on the wall. The torso and hands relax. Spend in this position for 3 minutes, inhale air deeply. Try to rid himself of all unnecessary thoughts, feel how tense back and leg rest.

free wind pose
Lie down on your back, bend your knees, ankles scrape. Hold hands and knees firmly hold them. Feel the stretch muscles of the thighs and the back. At first it may be difficult, but once you understand your body, do exercise will be incredibly nice: this pose frees spine of the load in a minute! Do not forget to breathe deeply.

pigeon pose
Get on your knees, keep your hands shoulder-width apart. Bring your left knee forward, put it between his hands. Bring your right foot back and straighten. Lean forward the whole body, moving the center of gravity over your left knee. Hold this position for a minute, change the leg. This exercise relieves pain in the legs, swelling, beneficial effect on the muscles of the back.

pose awakening
Lie down on your back, arms spread wide apart. Push your right knee to your chest. Then turn all the body to the left, back, while remaining flat. Stay in this position for about 3 minutes, repeat with the other side. This posture is very useful to anyone who is often back pain in the coccyx.

pose fish
Lie down on your back. Put your hands under your hips. Slowly raise your chest up, threw back his head back at the same time. Breathe steadily. Just slowly lower down.

After such a charge if the re-born into the world! Gone muscle clamps disappear pain caused by fatigue and overwork, the spine is straightened. This relaxes the neck and improves cerebral blood flow. From headaches and sleep problems will be over!

Share with loved ones this easy and very pleasant charging for recovery. Remember that love for others starts with yourself, take care of his remarkable body



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