Famous egg recipe for Napoleonic! Very delicate dish.

Great idea - cook eggs in the oven ! They turn out very tender, melting in the mouth. This recipe can be called by right a classic of the genre: the dish looks spectacular, bake such beauty and everyone can, there is not a man who would say that it's - tasteless ... Spicy vegetables with eggs and cheese will love all

Baked eggs in duhovkeIngredienty
2 eggs a slice of white bread 1 onion 1 green pepper 150 g mozzarella or any hard cheese 2 cloves of garlic or garlic powder salt and pepper olive oil

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. We shall cut a slice of white bread into cubes and dry it. Crispy croutons give the dish a special piquancy! fry the onion and pepper in olive oil. You can add to the vegetables sesame seeds, chopped garlic, salt, paprika and other spices to taste. Vegetables should be fragrant, spicy, then get an amazing appetizer Brush the molds with oil, laid out in these vegetables and crackers, then - shredded cheese. Top gently pour the whole egg.

After watching this video might break appetite is not a joke! Bright, tempting dishes from the available ingredients - great for breakfast, and for a hearty lunch

. How do I love the simple, but at the same time, original recipes! Especially tasty I found the eggs combined with salsa. I recommend to feed the people closest to this royal dish!


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