In Ireland, he earned the first "solar" farm, which will supply electricity to the airport

In Ireland, we built and opened the first of the country's largest land-based "solar" farm. It is located in Antrim and covers an area of ​​30 acres. Cost of the project - more than 6, 45 million euros.. Geliostantsiya consists of 20 thousand solar panels and produces up to 5 MW and is capable of providing electricity to about 1,200 homes. Another of its goal - to provide 27% of the energy needs of the international airport not far from Belfast, to which it is directly connected according to the 25-year contract


Also, thanks to the solar power plant will be able to reduce carbon emissions by 2100 tonnes per year, equivalent to the removal of 469 cars from the roads.

The construction was engaged in a local company Lightsource Renewable Energy, which said it has been working closely with ecologists during the design of the park, which is a hedge, wildflowers and nests for bats and birds. Dozens of such solar farms planned Lightsource and other developers. They want to place on the north and south of the border.

In the energy management Ireland believe that solar energy can become an important part of the development of renewable energy sources in the country. According to CEO Jim Gannon, panels efficiency is improved, and the production cost is reduced, so large-scale projects are starting to become viable:

"I think we have the lowest level of light than in the places where solar energy has already become popular. But efficiency technologies will allow certain scale, local projects and the sun an important part of renewable energy. »

As part of the objectives of the EU, Ireland is by 2020 to meet its electricity demand by 16% from renewable energy sources, or be fined large sums.

According to the Association of Irish farmers, about 6,000 acres of land in the country is already considered various companies for the construction of solar power plants. Also, the projects want to attract and the community. In addition, the organization also called on the government to clarify as to what level of financial support it intends to offer the solar sector, which can help him to become more viable.


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