< Leah Altukhova

And it is unreal, with the posters came down,
he is my ideal and my crazy.
Without a shadow of doubt, I dive into the abyss with him.
Without makeup and hypocrisy live on stage.

We laugh and cry, jealous, miss.
Then we discuss over a cup of tea.
Change the characters in captivity scenery.
And the day seemed an instant, and leave again.

Compressed to each other's pain in the arms,
Again discuss employment and pay.
In my dreams for two reserve space.
Again, access, coffee, a reason to stay.

Without fear of falling speed dial with him.
From work to home and back to weightlessness.
And the night without sleep, the silhouette behind the scenes.
And so far, and it seemed so close.

Again airport, meeting, hands, arms ...
And stop talking, and life is not enough.
In collaboration soar in the sky, our muse,
Braced by this unexpected alliance.

Burns to the ground reckless flame ...
We used to survive some verses ...


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