10 tips for those who are learning English, from the person who owns 16 languages

Nothing complicated there but the fears and myths in our own minds. Kato Lomb, one of the first interpreters of the world, knew 16 languages!

Website published a short list of her tips for those who want to succeed in learning a foreign language.

< 1. Engage language need every day. If there is insufficient time highlight at least 10-15 minutes for reading or repetition of new phrases. Especially effective is engaged in the mornings.

< 2. If you wish to learn a language is weakened too quickly come up with its own algorithm classes. For example, a little training, then - a little music, a little break for a walk. But do not throw study

3 Context -.. Our all. Never learn individual words, use context to the maximum. For example, if you remember the expression «strong wind», is one of the words will automatically call in the second memory.

< 4. It is especially useful to write some phrases ready and try to use them as often as possible .. in a speech

5 Mentally translate in his mind everything that catches your eye - advertising, excerpts of songs, dialogues, the names of newspaper articles. Workout for the brain and is always useful for memory training.

6. It is useful to memorize short texts and dialogues. But it is necessary to learn only what is right or completely pre-corrected teacher.

< 7. is already ready to use phrases and idioms are recorded and stored in memory in the first person. For example:.. «I am only pulling your leg» (I'm just teasing you)

8 Any foreign language you can not learn in isolation. Storm the castle needed from all sides: watch movies, read books and newspapers in the original, communicate with native speakers in the Internet. (For example, Kato Lomb began studying Russian with "Dead Souls" by Gogol and impressive vocabulary).

< 9. Do not be afraid of mistakes, afraid of uncorrected errors. Do nothing and leave unchecked. It is better to confirm twice.

< 10. Be sure that no matter what, you will learn the language! Be sure to come a time when the number will grow in quality, and the language barrier is broken.

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