The authors dedicated their lives

It has brought me here once on the writers' courses. And not just any creative Rating - trendy western way to unwind after work. A serious courses of this creative writing - as they say, with all the pies. As befits a future graduate, lecture, I listened with interest. And with no less interest the bickering beginners national literature shone with venerable teach practitioners.

In one of the lectures on the phrase "Write about what you know" argument became particularly hot and risked go in sailor's uprising. No reason not to want to write about how sitting at home with year-old son as a sales manager injects the clock, every day, like credit cards or even how the cottage with friends at the weekend goes. Everyone wanted stories from some other life. With large, so to say, the letters VE.

So I thought: in the global sense, we're all - authors. We live and write their own history Well, sometimes even co -. But still ... The main ideas, attitudes and actions of the protagonist - it's ours. But they largely determine the plot.

I do not want to get off on a set of rules. Simple ideas are always easier to be written in a column. So, imagine that you have found a notebook with notes in the margins. < The author dedicates his life

No problem -. There is no plot development From the start to find a solution, as a rule, the most interesting plot twists.. As coaches like to say, the obstacle - is not a wall, it rung of the ladder. There are also difficulties (and these - the majority), which are then transformed into stories and stories of friends. People who managed a good laugh in the face of difficulties or make your own inspiring story of the incident, on time induce sympathy arrangement. From them comes a special kind of confidence - confidence of the owners of his life. Its authors.

< To add to the severity of the story, the hero is often placed in new circumstances for him. Where there is a chance to get a new and interesting experience. For example, if twenty-six suddenly stand on skiing - bored just will not. Therefore, the authors are so fond of writing about travel - it is a radical change of circumstances gives such scope for the imagination that simply takes your breath away. Perhaps, in order to fulfill and your cherished dream, the universe just waiting for the right occasion decorations?

It is not life hacking, but: never forget the power of new people updated that changes the force.. And the most interesting plot twists are obtained when the face (or attract?) Opposites. As in a dispute born truth, and in just such alliances - all the main adventure. Tired of monotone during his time? Look for people. Yes, a new meeting can be burned, but you can keep warm. Let your hero will be the brave. And may you found people decorate, complement and make your story really exciting.

And finally. Not moral of the story and seems banal advice ... But who can hold a firm line between the trivial and the eternal? < Always keep in mind your happy ending. Aim, go to your "happily ever after", whatever that may mean to you.

And Paulo Coelho says: "In the end, all have to be good. If something bad - it means, it's not over ยป

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