The first action of parents to educate young men

Differences in the education of boys and girls - in principle. This is the parents need to think of the future baby before birth and is prepared to properly educate their crumbs. Grow from a small boy a real man - not an easy process, having a lot of subtleties, nuances, which requires a special approach.

Start with the fact that choose the little man now and a strong man's name. Especially psychologists insist on choosing a name for the brave boys who grow up in single-parent families and education which are engaged exclusively in grandmothers and mothers. No need to give the names of the boy at the same time male and female, like Julius, Valentine, Eugene.

Courageous name is an important factor for the education of the future man. But details such as mandatory purchase of a blue stroller, blue suit values ​​can not be given. The color of things is important for parents - must somehow demonstrate to others that they had a heir names

! The crisis one year

In the education of young men, which was a year old, my mother would have to exercise maximum restraint and patience. The kid will look for any reason to express his "I", to achieve what he wants, perform any of their claims. During this period, the formation of character is the little man, formed its main features. Mortgaging the ability to be energetic, purposeful and self-esteem.

How parents respond to sometimes more than the scandalous behavior of the boy? Exceptionally quiet, with patience and understanding. Strive not shouts of obedience and punishment, and kindness, love and care. In the age of the boys in need of parental affection is not less than girls, so do not be afraid to embrace her baby, kiss him and tell him affectionate and kind words. However, know the measure: to indulge in all the pranks and whims tomboy you should not. Love and parental authority - on these two pillars should be based education-year-old kid

. Important Note: moderation should be exercised not only in love but also in severity. A child under the age of one year in every way seeking confirmation of its importance and because you should never disregard his wishes, complaints or requests. Do not force the kid to do something he does not want to, just because you think it is wrong. If the little man wants to play with dolls, not with soldiers or vacuuming with his mother - no need to disturb him. Your boy is trying to be independent, and independence - the most important quality for a real man

. Another useful advice on education-year-old boy. With this age the future of man is necessary to cease to lisp. Stop refer to it impersonal (Sugar, kitty, kid) and call men's appeals - by name, use these forms of address as a "son", "Hero", "boy",

"malchuganchik". Features of education of the boy three years

Since about three years, the child begins to perceive himself as an independent person, to separate themselves from their parents. He actively seeking behaviors for themselves, and therefore is closely watching the behavior of other people, trying to determine for themselves what is bad and what is good, how to behave, and for what actions can be followed by punishment.

The best example for the baby-boy must be his dad father can and should show his son the correct guidance in life, male models of behavior. Attention! If Dad will teach baby-boy only in words, and in this case the behavior will be different from what he says (for example, father tells his son that rude women can not, and he regularly argues with his mother), you should not be surprised, that sooner or later, and the boy starts to behave the same way.

Children do not always understand the meaning of words, but the essence of the action they catch more than good, and at the first opportunity - copy. In addition, this behavior pope will give the child the first concepts of falsehood and hypocrisy.

But we must not think that the three years of the boy's education should deal exclusively with the father. Mom crumbs also should not stand aside: just mom and the future can teach a man kindness, attention to the problems of others, a proper understanding of the force and its rational use

. Mom to teach his young son to be the protector of the weak and helpless, and for this purpose in the process of education can use the following tricks:

1. To request help with bags.

2. To ask the help to stay on the slippery ice.

3. To request help to cross the road.

Such requests, it is desirable to accompany the explanations that my mother - a weak woman, and only her little hero, the assistant and the defender will be able to help her in such serious matters

. To have a future men self-formed correctly - consult with him about all sorts of household chores and everyday issues.


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