25 memorable phrases, the world of Coco Chanel on how to win a man

Coco Chanel lived 87 years, elegant, but uncompromising changing world of fashion forever. Thanks to her, we wear close-fitting jackets that were previously only battered men, little black dress, against which the negotiations are powerless any arguments, luxurious scents that make us the only right and the man says all he thinks about it. < Website publishes the most vivid expressions of the famous French fashion style, beauty, and how to win a man.

1 The main thing for women -. Work constantly. Only work gives good spirits, and the spirit, in turn, care about the fate of the body

2 In twenty years, the woman has a face that nature gave her, at thirty -.. She made itself, in the forty -.. one that it deserves

3 Beware of originality - in women's fashion originality can lead to masquerade

4. . invent your own fashion can afford only young women. Mature and aging women should follow the prevailing fashion.

< 5. In order to be irreplaceable, you must change all the time.

6. Men like women who are dressed well but not too conspicuous.

< 7. Personal care should begin with the heart, otherwise no makeup will not help

8 Like it or not, a woman in a man's life is only one, all the rest -.. its shadow

<. 9. The beauty we need to be loved men, and stupid - that we should love men

10 A woman dressed in a light, it is difficult to put in a bad mood

11 Lace -. The most beautiful fantasy imitation of nature. A pearl is always right.

< 12. Women want to change. They are wrong. Happiness in the constancy and not to change yourself

13 Hands -.. Business card girls, neck - her passport, chest - Passport

14. there is a time to work and a time to love. There is no other time does not remain.

< 15. Women tend to be much more carefully choose for themselves a nightgown than her husband.

16. I value people according to their manner of spending money. Never marry a man with a purse for coins.

< 17. Women can afford to look ridiculous. Of course, I'm talking about a few women. Funny as a man - a goner if he is not a genius

18 If you want to have something that has never had, you have to do things that have never done
19 If a woman changes, do not look here good reason: it's not all in the mind and feelings

20 said.. that women dress for women, that they are inspired by the spirit of competition. It's true. But if the world there are no more men, women in general have ceased to dress.

21. When you have to choose between a man and dresses, choose a dress.

< 22. Handsome man should not be, and the ugly can not be. Sometimes just a little color and a warm champagne.

< 23. The paradox is that the more stupid and untalented man, the more his claims to the woman.

< 24 Restrain yourself when hurt, and do not make a scene when hurt -. that's what the perfect woman

25 Coquetry -.. it is a victory of reason over feelings.

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