12 films that will make travel dreams

Summer is just around the corner, which means that many of us are already planning a vacation, buy tickets and pack the suitcases.

But for those who have a long-awaited vacation is postponed indefinitely, Website gathered 10 films, which will allow at least mentally take a dream trip, whether felting on the beach, extreme hiking in the mountains or a gastronomic tour.

Before dawn / Before sunset / Before midnight Before sunrise (1995) / Before sunset (2004) / Before midnight (2013)

The heroes of this truly wonderful trilogy of Richard Linklater - American Jesse and Celine French - meet by chance on a train, which follows from Budapest to Paris. Since the beginning of this meeting for a long romantic journey of 18 years, during which the character of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy walk in different European cities, discussing everything. We do it all the time wondering about the meaning of our lives passing road adventure.

In July Im Juli (2000)

Another cinematic variation on Euro Tour by German director of Turkish origin Fatih Akin. The protagonist - the physics teacher named Daniel - falls in love with a Turkish dancer and decides to go for it in Istanbul, taking as a fellow traveler eccentric Julia. Thus begins their adventure full of surprises and a trip to Eastern Europe, which is precisely appreciated by lovers of spontaneous travel budget.

Last Stop for Paul Last Stop for Paul (2006)

How to see the world, with only two short weeks left? Charlie and Cliff decide that this time is enough, and sent in a very unusual trip around the world: in each of the countries visited, it should dispel the ashes of the deceased friend. Despite the fact that half of the budget the filmmakers apparently, went to air travel, the audience will find "The last stop for Paul" a lot of fun and inspiring moments.

Scream of Stone Cerro Torre : Schrei aus Stein (1991)

The history of the climbers from the German master Werner Herzog, which has everything for those who can not imagine my life without adventure tours: the spirit of competition, the incredible beauty of landscapes and of course the impregnable top of Cerro Torre in Patagonia. There were in the movie without a love line

Julie and Julia: Cooking Happiness Prescription Julie & amp;. Julia (2009)

Where you can immerse yourself in the world of haute cuisine and hone their culinary skills? Of course, in France. It solves the aspiring writer Julie Powell, who moves to Paris to do what he likes. Spoiler for those who are in awe of Paris: the shooting took place in the US, so famous Parisian streets you are, alas, did not see. But it is mentioned the recipes can be found in the book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", whose author is the second heroine Julia Child.

Miracles Le meraviglie (2014)

This touching film Cannes laureate Alice Rohrwacher, which tells about the life of the patriarchal Italian family, could well be a guide to eco-tourism fans. And there is Monica Bellucci.

On the road On the road (2012)

Road movie, inspired by the novel by Jack Kerouac - Beat generation chief ideologist. Young, reckless, not constrained by social conventions and generally accepted standards of morality, the characters move from one US city to another, towards themselves and the world.

The flight Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Easy American comedy with typical characters of this genre: bad egg musician, beauty, blonde, and a rock star. Expected simple plot fully compensated paradisiacal scenery of Hawaii. And fans of the series "How I Met Your Mother" especially appreciate Jason Segel (aka Marshall Erikson) in the title role.

Way The Way (2010)

Every journey - is in some sense, the search for the meaning of life and its purpose in this world. So it is with the American ophthalmologist Tom Avery, who goes on pilgrimage along the Way of St. James, to implement the plan and find dead son recently lost rapport with him.

Territory (2014) < br>

Geological expedition headed by engineer Chinkova goes in search of gold in the so-called area - rough country, the conditions of which is able to make not everyone. Interweaving the fate of several characters forcing closely follow the plot, and the breathtaking landscapes of the Russian North, which are abundant in the film, once again convincingly proves that in our country there are many beautiful places that are worth visiting

. On preview: frame from the film "Before midnight»

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