30 Photos harsh service and meals in the Fatherland Dining

Dining room - a reasonable quality of food for ridiculous prices. Many people around this place a party, because their head is full of negative stereotypes. Do all that bad?

Names of table are simple and unobtrusive

To - competition

Prices may surprise even the most budget

In detail here used to turn a blind eye

Some of the delights you can try only here

Russian venegret-pizza

So what do you ...

No photo meal can not do even in canteens

Machete is not the same

In the dining room a lot of excellent props for magicians

Marketers working in these establishments

And save time and nerves merchants

Corruption and theft of property canteen - a common occurrence

It's hard to resist when you get such an instance

The employees of this sector does not hold a sense of humor

Army canteens - a topic for another post

Normal dining in Skolkovo

Well-known places such negative

But this is actively fighting

And this situation should be familiar to every student

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