Who could say "no" to this attractive face? History-foundling kitten

Scared little kitten hiding under a truck parked in the office parking lot. When a user Reddit, who told us this story, went to the car and saw the baby, he just could not pass up. Site introduces the foundling, fascinated by the Internet. "Apparently, the poor girl abandoned by her mother" - decided by the user nickname JustAnotherGoodGuy (EschёOdinHoroshiyParen). He took a picture of a kitten and posted a photo of his wife with the question of whether you can take the baby home. "Who could say" no "to this attractive face?" - Written in response to the fate of his wife and the kitten was solved

. First he was taken to the vet, who found that the kitten is healthy, a female and was about 4-5 weeks. The girl was named Axel, and now she lives in the company of 19-year-old cat, and 2-year-old dog owners. Good people, pick up her pass that Axel everything is fine: it is warm, caring and love. And that's great!

Apparently, the poor thing threw mat

Good man took a picture of a kitten and asked my wife if you can take it domoy

Who could answer "no" to this attractive face?

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Axel lives in a caring and lyubvi

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