15 movies for anyone who wants to understand the art of cinema

If you want to understand the complex, but interesting art cinema should start with the classics -. Movies which are considered the standard of cinema

Website presents 15 films from a list compiled by teachers for students of VGIK scenario , directing and camera departments.

Metropolis Metropolis (1927)

"Metropolis" - sci-fi dystopia German director Fritz Lang on the novel by his wife Thea writer Gabriele von Harbou - one of those movies that still amazes the audience their story and visual solution. But the picture was shot 89 years ago, just imagine! Not for nothing "Metropolis" is considered one of the greatest silent film works in history.

Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

Monthly British movie magazine «Sight & amp; Sound »called plotless experimental picture of Dziga Vertov's best documentary of all time. This film is not like anything. The main character here is a camera that shows the daily life of the city. The picture is so mesmerizing that break away from the screen when watching this silent black-and-white masterpiece is almost impossible.

City Lights City Lights (1931)

"City Lights" - a classic comedy film in which Charlie Chaplin appears as a leading actor, director, screenwriter, producer, composer and editor. The picture has been ranked in the top 10 best romantic comedies, according to the American Film Institute. Movies for ages, what can I say!

King Kong King Kong (1933)

Probably, there is not a man who would not know about a giant gorilla named Kong, once and forever changed the world-wide cinema. With this film, in fact, started a genre monster movie itself. Without it, there would be no "Godzilla" or "Jurassic Park" - there would be no Hollywood in its current form. And most importantly, despite the fact that the film was made over 80 years ago, the modern version still can not surpass it.

Citizen Kane Citizen Kane (1941)

For a long time, "Citizen Kane" regularly defeated in the polls film professionals as "the best film of all time." Why? Firstly, director and performer starring Orson Welles ruled familiar narrative scheme, forcing the spectator is in the past, the present, then again in the past heroes. Second, I find the new visual forms, revolutionary for its time. Well, not without the genius of the plot, as evidenced by the "Oscar" for best screenplay.

Rashomon Rashomon (1950)

The film Akira Kurosawa brought Japanese cinema on the world stage. The film takes place in ancient Japan. In the forest, raped the woman and her husband killed. Each of the four witnesses have their own point of view. The film, shot more than fifty years ago, on this day, opens our eyes to the vices of society.

Eight and a half (1963)

The tape is considered the top skill of the great Italian director Federico Fellini. This is his "eight and a half film," as the author himself, so the name of the connection with the plot does not matter. Surrealist painting tells about the crisis in the life of a creative person: about search, imagination, deadlocks, intellectual climate, unbroken stream of subjective and objective

Psycho Psycho (1960) <. br>

Alfred Hitchcock's film "Psycho" - the classic thriller. Old American Gothic art codes based on psychoanalysis and supplemented disturbing music that the director has transformed the genre into a new alloy, even closer to the picture of horror films. Sit down one night, turn off the lights and turn up the sound - you will not remain indifferent to this masterpiece

War and Peace (1968)


An epic Sergei Bondarchuk - a senior is considered one of the most high-budget pictures in the history of cinema. The film battle scenes are striking: the innovative panoramic photography battlefields and thus no special effect, and drawn on a soldier or an explosion computer - hardly any modern film can surpass "War and Peace" for plausibility

Discreet charm of the bourgeoisie Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie (1972)

Recognized as a masterpiece of film critics master surrealist Luis Bunuel film. The film - a dream inside a dream, such that Christopher Nolan and never dreamed of. Mocking sketch of useless bourgeois life is an instant classic of surrealism in the movie.

Solaris (1972)

Winner of the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival. According to the results of many surveys is one of the greatest science fiction films in cinema history. Especially celebrated virtuoso camera work which is now being taught in film schools. Tarkovsky was able to prove that with the help of artistic atmosphere you can achieve much more than the participation of even the most expensive and modern effects. The film is shocking, mesmerizing.

Chinatown Chinatown (1974)

"Chinatown" by Roman Polanski - a classic detective drama. The film does not and can not be age, it is interesting at all times to all who appreciate the genre of detective. The screenplay was awarded the "Oscar" award.

Shining The Shining (1980)

"The Shining" - screen adaptation of the Stephen King - considered by critics the best horror film. The atmosphere of the picture Stanley Kubrick created an enclosed space, disturbing music and brilliantly chosen actors.

Casino Casino (1995)

It is difficult to find a crime drama 90, which would be better than "Casino" Scorsese. These movies appear once a decade, and even less often. They are all so good that after watching the present seen as something else is simply impossible. This is a perfect vision of the director, maybe because of all the actors so well matched that on their background any noticeable mistakes.

Mood for Love Fa yeung nin wa (2000)

"Mood for Love" - ​​an absolute ethical and aesthetic perfection. Director, screenwriter and producer Wong Kar-Wai reflected in the unusual for the European and Hollywood cinema manner the idea of ​​mutual, harmonious existence of male and female; love, absorbing primarily the human mind, not the body.

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