A touching photo of father and son almost removed from Facebook!

This touching moment was captured photo artist Heather Whitten (Heather Whitten) in late 2014. Her son fell ill with salmonellosis Fox and husband Thomas comforted the child in the bathroom, waiting for the arrival of doctors. Jets of water in the shower helped bring down a fever and also washed away the traces of vomiting and diarrhea ...

Going into the bathroom, Heather was moved by the scene and decided to take a picture of Thomas Fox.

«I was all on the nerves because of the child's illness and literally could not find a place for himself. However, opening the bathroom door, I was literally shrouded in an atmosphere of peace. Fox's husband pressed to his chest and soothing whisper in his ear, a disease that will soon depart and everything will be fine ... What he saw touched me so much that I decided to immortalize this moment in pictures ", - says the woman past events

. After some time, Heather decided to share their feelings with fans on Facebook. She published the photo, under which described the events in detail.

However, the reader's reaction was unexpected. The publication caused a lot of angry comments. "I'm just dumbfounded by the fact that many people do not pay attention to the text. All began to discuss nudity in the photo! "- Is perplexed Heather


Due to the numerous complaints of Facebook employees, even for a time removed the scandalous picture. But they soon changed their decision and restored the photo rights.

However, the encouraging comments yet was much more than the negative. As a result, the record became popular, gaining more than 130,000 likes, but the bad feeling remained ...

«My family may be different from yours. But this does not mean that someone has to teach others how to properly act in a given situation "- says Heather


And what is your opinion about this? Are you that woman was rightly felt quite intimate sharing photos with others, or whether it should not have done?

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