15 ways to avenge the betrayal of the enraged women


Unfortunately, the betrayal - is not uncommon. What can you do, it happens. However, girls from the collection of the Site such philosophical attitude is not satisfied. Catching a Man or spouse "to hot to", they decided to come into a rage and did not hesitate to publicly announce their feelings! 1. This lady has decided to put up a notice at the time pereezda5cc3b33e5d.jpg

Dear neighbors, my husband has changed, so I was forced to move ... Thank you for the nice days spent together!

2. Many leave a farewell message on avto9506e5adfd.jpg

Dear Dave,

Say hello to your girlfriend on your wife and children. By the way, I emptied the bank account.

3. Someone decided to devote the details with the help of neighbors in the garden ad doma837235eaf0.jpg

The house where the husband-apostate lives. While his faithful wife took care of his sick mother, he entertained with two women at the same time.

4. Piercing advertisement for the sale domad4d96c1375.jpg

My husband left us for 22 years ...

5. This girl gave apostate greetings on transparency during matcha863f25a9bc.jpg

My ex-boyfriend already, change me, watching the match on TV!

6. Another photo from a series of the most popular ways to mesti5dbbe1c8e3.jpg

Welcome home, apostate!

7. Rinse otnosheniya9e16c3be1f.jpg

A woman from Japan, learned about her husband's infidelity, threw all his gadgets in the toilet, and sent him a photo.

8. At this time, the message on the door garazha8ee3241005.jpg

Damn apostate!

9. Syurpriiiz! 7bd5cc16db.jpg

10. Steven, you poslanie1b31a17a73.jpg

Hi Steven,

Now I was able to get your attention? I know all about it. You dirty ...... K to, wrong, wretched, disgusting gov.k! I have a record.

Your (soon former) wife, Emily.

Note: For this I paid banner from our general account

11.. One of the most original ways

12. Dear Michael ... ad509190ef.jpg


Cost GPS otslezhivatelya $ 250, with an optical camera lens Nikon Zoom - $ 1,600. Catch her husband at the time of the betrayal and pay for the banner from our general account - priceless

. Jessica Say that you're moving to it!

13. Evaluate work girls! f0f1eb19e8.jpg

Girl from Germany plastered machine apostate photographic evidence of his treason.

14. The announcement of the lost sobakee63915edcc.jpg

The girl learned that her boyfriend, fellow student cheating on her with another student in the faculty, hung up ads all over the building of the University.

I was lost dog. He was last seen sleeping with all the girls from the faculty, changing his girlfriend!

15. Wave handle, Scott Kelly ... Now you're famous! 2c5dbb0460.jpg

Scott Kelly small h ** n!

16. Work mastera02c82c144b.jpg

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