She went through all the circles of hell and wanted nothing but death, but life ...

Approximately 1, 2 million homeless dogs trying to survive on the streets of Houston. Patients beaten and naterpevshis bullying, they become for people just rubbish. They are left to die ...

This is the story of one of them. Dogs Pumpkin on the nickname.

Here it is, Tykovka.

Pumpkin standing in the middle of the street. Around the calf she had burns. And she was injured from the pneumatic weapon.

A man took a picture of a dog and placed in a heart-rending picture Instagrame from here so heartless commentary: "Ha! Only in the 3rd district, you can see the burnt dog. " He thought that the suffering of the animal - it's ridiculous

. Photo quickly spread through social networks and has attracted the attention of local volunteer organizations to rescue animals. The dog quickly found. The yard was Halloween, so she was given the nickname Tykovka.

What was not in that photograph with mocking commentary, so this puppy Pumpkin. Breast baby was covered with fleas and was on the verge smerti.

Pumpkin was barely a year old, and she was very bolela.

The doctors and nurses fought every day struggling to keep mum and pup pogibnut.

Here is the bullet was right next to the spine Tykovki.

Finally, Pumpkin and her baby, the baby was warm and bezopasnosti.

Unfortunately, baby-baby did not survive. She was too weak and went to the other world, she died ...

Pumpkin took rescue program based inimitable Anna Barbosa.

So Pumpkin met with his new mistress Kelly Williams, who fell in love with the little sobachku.

Pumpkin 6 weeks after spaseniya.

Now Pumpkin 6 brothers and sisters, each of which has its own tragic history. All of them were rescued from smerti.

Dogs live and play together. They schastlivy.

Happy now and Pumpkin. We hope she will soon forget his past life. Suppose you only dream good dreams, baby!

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