She let go of Chimpanzees to freedom - 18 years later, they meet again!

Linda Koebner was only 23 years old when she started a project for the rehabilitation of six chimpanzees.

Monkeys were born in captivity and were grown only for experiments. After that, the experts usually killed animals - return them to their natural habitat would be virtually impossible. But Linda was different from all the others: she could not afford to kill a chimpanzee, without giving them a chance to be rehabilitated back into the jungle

. For days the vet sat with monkeys, several times a day for a short time releasing them from the cells. Linda watched with amazement, like wild animals in nature for the first time recognized the smell of grass, cautiously treading on the ground, afraid to approach the trees and turned away in fear from even the most harmless little animals. Nothing but their cells, human faces, syringes and devices they have not seen before.

After some experiences of six chimpanzees were sick. The vet did not regret his time trying to regularly give them medication.

But once it's time to say goodbye. Chimpanzee almost learned to survive alone in the wild, is gradually integrated into the big monkey "society." Linda project was successfully completed, she has achieved what she wanted.

After 18 years, the woman decided to find their furry friends. It turned out that only two of the monkeys, Doll and Swing, are still alive.

During this time the female of cute furry pets have become a muscular animal with strong legs and jaws. But Linda was not afraid - she wanted to meet with them

. Finding his chimpanzees, Linda greeted them in a monkey.

The woman did not realize that animals recognize it, but as soon as she got into a boat to cross the river and closer to them, and Doll Swing immediately ran to meet her.

"Remember me?" - Linda asked. Then something incredible happened: one of the chimp reached for the woman legs and hugged her warmly

! It has become clear: Doll and Swing have not forgotten their savior, they knew perfectly well who and what hug. Usually with strangers monkeys behave pretty wild.

Linda did not expect such a meeting. It has been almost 20 years, but nothing has changed for the animals! Doll and Swing can not express my gratitude in words, but their embrace was enough!

Video of the meeting Linda and chimpanzees. Very touching:

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