How I became a mother at age 16. Mommy chick cockatiel parrot!

Site publishes a touching story of a girl who with his mother had saved from death and came out a tiny chick. It turned out that this is an incredible deal, but it was worth it! I love birds, and I always live parrots, and I wanted to look at the bird's offspring. They put their cockatiel nesting, it will not write, because uninteresting. Show only as a nesting place looks a top view of the slits:

Interesting started when the chicks began to hatch. Hatched two, we saw to it that their parents were fed and heated, because the inexperienced birds often destroy the first offspring. On the third day, we realized that something goes wrong. They looked into the house and saw that the chicks are thrown back from the main nesting birds, and they have not fed.

One chick froze to death. Such malyuski more than two hours did not live without food and heating. In general, we seized that showed signs of life and decided to save, even though they knew it would be very difficult. At that time, I had a theoretical knowledge about how to do this, as communicated on the forum poultry houses. Once it warmed, we bought a children's porridge dairy and shaking hands for the first time fed through a syringe without a needle children.

Feeding blind chick height of 3 cm at the withers - the more fun. It can accidentally crush his fingers (it brittle), can be accidentally "drown", burn or freeze porridge (and then, and more - death). In the pictures it after the first feeding, beak under his bag, into which the porridge (in the adult birds it is also there, but not visible under the feathers). When the bag is empty - chick weakens and dies within two hours, as the reserves had not yet. In its beak still visible tooth top, which he broke an egg to get out into the light:

Most ambush in feeding - is that to feed the first two weeks it was necessary every 1, 5 hours, day and night. Thank you mom shared my views about life and the little we have assigned to her watch - she fed chicks up to 3 nights, I fed from three nights to one o'clock. For this I took 2 weeks left for school and hospital switched to night mode of life.

In the early days we arranged the chick like this. In the box under the lamp, he sat with us on the warm bottle from under navtizina with teddy bear (its height 10 cm) and a thermometer. Bottle rapidly cooled, as a result of the chick every twenty minutes began to shiver from the cold. It was very difficult podgadat position lamps, boxes, to preserve the delicate temperature consistency - it was hot bad cold, too bad. Sometimes I almost from feeding to feeding dealt with the fact that the set temperature.

Feed, by the way, has always had svezhesdelannoy porridge, alternately adding to bifidobacteria, which he could not get from their parents, an apple, a boiled egg, calcium, vitamin d, to avoid rickets. Feeding takes 5 to 30 minutes, at different ages in different ways.

Later, we have adapted the breeding house at home for a chick and he lived there. With maintaining the temperature of confusion was the same, but watch the chick has become easier. The house has water to maintain humidity, two thermometers, and we did a transparent front wall of plexiglass to observe:

Nestling lonely little bear pressed against the soulless, and it was a pity, so I sometimes took it in a cloth and kept in pens while he slept.

At one day we missed one feeding, because he was asleep and did not ask for food, and 3 hours after his weakness does not keep his head, barely had time to feed.

First joy was when he opened his eyes (aged approximately 7-10 days). Dark places on the wings - a future feathers. Pooh has by this time out.

Around the 6th day I dripped on the lack of sleep is not a mess of calcium and other material from vials. Chicks was bad, he was shivering, shaking, and seizures were, apparently. I had a panic, I am to otpaivala it some water, massaged and ass crop for better flotation and hoped for the best. The fact that I was not dripped a mess, I found only in the morning, when the crisis was over and we continued to feed the chicks in the normal mode. Since then, many times I check any pills, ointments, ampoules prior to use. A great lesson!

A little later, at the age of two weeks he was here so funny and slender creature running around. We let him walk around the table. The first tube (they developed feathers) has got out and was almost ready to brand crest.

Seeing the syringe, he ran at him like a madman:

And while he ate well, baby porridge was too nesytnaya and he was very skinny. I had to look for an American mess fledging in Moscow, which contained all that is required. With great difficulty, I have found the only true parrots nursery in Moscow and its owners sold me a kilo of magic mixture, for which they thank you!

After special porridge, our life has become easier and the chick has become stronger. Now, just added to the porridge warm water and allowed to. After the first two weeks can be fed every 2 hours during the day and once every 3 hours at night. And it was such a relief! My mother and I both could leave the house for two hours! Later he taught to feed the chick sister, who was in second grade, and it is our hedge.

Here he is at the age of two weeks near the bird egg:

Gradually grew feathers and chick umnel us joy. It was still hard, still lacked a full sleep, but was saved a life!

For three weeks the feathers began to get out of the tubes:

And for months, we have removed too much of the house and prepared chicks to move to solid food:

A month after its hatching, we celebrated with champagne and crackers (he did not give the champagne).

The result was a healthy bird hand (on the left):

The chick is now successfully live with a friend, and I then I never planted birds nest. Once it was through the roof! On the pictures I have with my favorite:



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