10 secret beauty tricks for busy women

XXI century leaves its mark - all in a hurry and in a hurry, but modern ladies want to be attractive not less than the beauties of previous centuries. < Website always admired the beauty and success of our women and therefore gathered little tricks at the lowest cost to help you stay at a height.

Hollywood arrows

Perfect Hollywood arrow to make a snap. Remember that from the outer corner of the eye to the tip of the eyebrows is an invisible line, and carry out a pencil as far as long you want to see your arrows. Repeat the same with the other side: it's time to make sure that the arrows are symmetrical. On top of the drawn line, apply eyeliner several points: they will help you create the perfect circuit without irregularities. Circle the contour of the century, and the resulting line of eyeliner.

Perfect eyebrows

For perfect eyebrow design must first be carefully combed hair, cut around the pencil outline and fill it with color. If you want to add in the eyes shine, you can apply a little highlighter directly underneath the eyebrow bend, as shown here.

Luxury lips

Instant volume lip trick for: make-up will be ready in 15 seconds. Apply the usual lipstick, and then - a light lip liner in the middle of the upper and lower lips. Blend towards the edges. Voila! Shiny lips are beautiful than ever, and here there is a step by step guide.

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To make the shadow more vivid, first put on the eyelid bright eyeliner. Tip: To avoid rolling shadows, pay attention to the basis for make-up - for the smooth application of the shadows it is needed. Details can be found here.

Two in One

If the hand or a pencil or eyeliner, you will gain loyal mascara. Collect a thin paint brush and apply along the upper eyelid. Then apply mascara to the eyelashes directly, and make ready, and here you can find all the intricacies of the process.


< br> Option for those who are in a hurry. Look up and to the side, and then put a pencil on the lash line. Line beautifully accentuate your eyes and make lashes more fluffy. This simple trick will help you look great, while not causing a ton of makeup on her face.


Business style does not have to be boring or licked. Try the simple, yet elegant hairstyles that will demonstrate not only your serious attitude and competence, but also the beauty of your hair. And in case of a change of plans, you will need just a minute to either dissolve the hair or give them greater ease.

Resuscitation favorite mascara

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There are a couple of tricks to mascara serve you longer. First, residues Clean of mascara on the brush to the fabric so that no lumps. Second, the bottle can be added a couple of drops and eye promeshat them in a circular motion as done here. Thirdly, in cases of emergency, lower the bottle of ink in a cup of hot water. It revives the ink and allow you to use it further.

Perfect skin

If you do not get enough sleep, make-up will look fresh and cheerful, and this handy cheat sheet will not get confused about where and what to put.

Expressive eyes

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For fluffy eyelashes effect, apply first one coat of mascara, and then go over the middle brush cilia powder, as shown here. Be careful: the powder must not get into the eyes. After apply another coat of mascara. For the convenience of applying mascara brush can be bent at the base at an angle of 45 degrees.

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