So Why this strange cylinder on charging cord to your laptop!

Have you ever noticed a small cylinder on the supply cable of your laptop? If not, take a closer look to charge any portable computer. On the outside of the cord connector that plugs into the laptop, there is a small plastic barrel.

The purpose of this incomprehensible mystery turned out details for our editors, so we decided to find out what it was for. The answer to this puzzle seemed to us a very interesting, so we decided to share with you the knowledge acquired.

It turns out that this undistinguished cylinder performs a very important function! It acts as a highpass filter and neutralizes noise that may come from the power cable. This device is called a ferrite ring, or ferrite.

Surprisingly, within this barrel no chips or other electronic devices. If it is open, and look on the inside, there is nothing interesting there will not see. Just a small cord extends through a hollow cylinder of rigid material. In some cases, cord covers its loop.

This cylinder is made of ferrite - a chemical compound of iron oxide with other metal oxides, which essentially is a magnetic insulator. This material is not eddy currents, so ferrites remagnetized very quickly in time with the frequency of the electromagnetic field.

It is no secret that any unshielded power cord is a source of electromagnetic interference, which may distort the data signals within the computer. A ferrite filter plays a role and prevents the spread of the interference.

Previously used for this purpose in all of the cable shielding copper braid, but ferrite rings are much cheaper, so they are widely used in modern electrical engineering.

Incidentally, ferrite beads not only prevent the formation of unwanted electromagnetic fields, but also protect the signal within the cable from external interference. Therefore, these cylinders, except supply cables can also be found on the cords connect monitors, cameras or cameras.

That is how important is the function of this inconspicuous little detail! If the information about it was useful for you, be sure to share it with your friends.

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