9 tips to help you learn a foreign language films and serials with subtitles

We have already written about the fact that the most important thing in a foreign language - constantly hear or talk to him. But even if there are no funds for the courses, and among your friends No foreigner, do not despair.

In this article, Website and vc.ru tell what rules you need to remember that while watching your favorite movies and TV shows in a year good to understand foreign speech live.

As a person, unexpectedly passed the way with mulligans English to a very well-known in narrow circles of the interpreter will not deny myself the pleasure to repeat the literacy campaign on the theme "How to learn English for the filmsĀ»

. In fact, it's simple. The manual drawn up by the example of English, but it is suitable for almost any language, which removed a sufficient number of films and TV series.

< Take a movie that you know by heart , staring into holes and you can, moving lips, repeating the phrase for heroes even when muted, because my mother is asleep in the next room, and the headphone cord again gnawed cat. Well, or any other as close as possible to the film described the condition. < See it in English with subtitles in English An important point:. Russian subtitles leave for aesthetes who love the original voice acting, but do not know the language. To study the Russian language subtitles useful about the same as the off-screen voice: three or four new words in a year you can be and learn. But that's it. Put simply, for those who do not flogs in irony: Russian subtitles in language learning useless The first time, even if you remember all the replicas of the film by heart, it will be very hard.. < Be patient and interpreter in the next tab. Or look at the kind of service with built-in translator ororo.tv subtitles (I write "seems" so no one thought it was advertising, but its analogs do not actually I know).

In my experience, To learn a new word, it is necessary that it gets into your eyes for at least 4-5 times in different movies / series - the first two times you just google translation, following 2-3 times you have "Oh, something familiar now remember, remember," - and still google. From the sixth time you simply remember. That if you do not learn new words separately, namely to remember as the frequency of their appearances in films and television series. < It is important not to bother at 100% th transfer. Try as possible, but in reality it is quite exhausting practice that soon turns away from the desire to learn in such a manner than improves the results. To understand what a movie enough to understand 80-90% of phrases consisting of commonly used expressions. Fewer words will learn with time. < It should, however, meticulously translate jokes. In the story they do not affect, as a rule, but an understanding of humor dramatically increases the ability to feel the language as such. Therefore, if the frame is obviously joking, but you do not understand how it is possible to spend an extra half a minute to go to urbandictionary.com, but to understand what's what.

Here and the fun of the fact that to understand the joke, and the use - more than once I have met certified translators, who lost in the simple wordplay student elementary school level. < The live communication is the ability to understand and joke at his companion language - something that sets you apart from the robot, "a tourist" and breaks, as they say, ice, placing you your counterpart This is more important than perfect. grammar. Yes, whatever the grammar, because most of the jokes in conversational English and so it clogs. Do not expect quick results. Most useful for the time being, until anglosmotrenie not a habit and need for, and any dubbing will not cause aversion as an attempt of robbery in broad daylight, to deceive themselves that you see "just for fun". Because a hobby, turned into obyazalovke, already ruined many good initiatives.

< At this rate, the progress is likely to appear somewhere in a year. Maybe someone will seem long term, but much still bleed for the year language better than to spend the year in a dream, tomorrow I'll go to the courses and bleed for some miserable month. A year later, or at any other time, When viewing with subtitles in the original language becomes routine, it is necessary to increase the load and view all without subs Firstly, because the subtitles its worked and now they are spinning is already dry. - you already have enriched your vocabulary and learn to hear the other's speech not as an endless stream of gibberish, but a set of quite distinguishable separate words.

Secondly, because the subtitles, no matter what anyone said, still a little distract from the image. Now you need to start watching movies in the original language without any prompts. At first, it will be almost as difficult as to go with dubbing to subtitles in the original language: you will immediately discover what still subtitles were "cheating" and the extent to which you have read and heard what they say on the screen Indeed. Again I have to pause, rewind difficult moments ... But all the same it will not be so heavy. Still subtitrosmotrenie create some basis. < Join a volunteer in any translation project, such as mine. "English as a work" gives a completely unexpected side effects that I found moving two trailers "Suicide Squad" with a difference of eight months.

These are the only two of the trailer of the film, in which there is Viola Davis. Due to careless pronunciation Davis translating its replica in the first video proved more difficult than all other moments together. Eight months later (and more than a hundred and fifty translated trailers) it was not difficult walking on the deck of a cruise ship in the calm. Still, the need to transfer all (you can not put the trailer in which the transferred only what they understood, and they did not understand, then cooked the rest) fairly disciplined.

However, for language learners it may be too heavy a burden, and that is why it is better to zatusit with those who are already engaged in translation, to get help and to share the responsibility.

The result will be a sure way of understanding language and not very competent, but sure pronunciation. You will be able to communicate without feeling the distance due to the difference of cultures. Why not start right away with the courses? In principle, nothing prevents. But all the same courses - this time, money and a sense of the "big step". < Training as a movie does not require time-consuming, In addition, you have spent on the same movie and TV series, does not require money, and certainly does not require some willpower strong >, where many good initiatives are completed before it began. By the same time, the theory will come later, when the turn to take up the grammar.

< A sense of language, acquired solely through live communication, literacy is more important ideal. However, if you want to impose on his speech gloss graduate of Oxford, if not, then at least the school - it is necessary to tighten up times with the article

. This is the moment when you can sign up for the classic courses, Skype courses, or simply use the self-instruction manual, which is now available for download even on the phone. By the way, with the existing base can not bother for courses with Russian-speaking teachers, or by Russian authors - Train once on the media and on the programs written for foreign carriers

... That's it, now you are a translator <.. /

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