Laws of formation energy space: We are responsible for everything that happens with us

Rassskazyvaet head of the Department of Energy and Information Technologies Academy NAST Russia, author of "The Chronicles of the real world," Major-General of the Russian Federation Federal Security Service in the reserve Ratnikov Boris Konstantinovich.

Man lives in the energy space and currently is influenced by a variety of field structures, which is saturated with the surrounding world. Human thought is an expression of energy and it contributes to the appearance of the surrounding area objective disturbances absorbed by various field offices or energy-formations.

Normal human emotions rise to certain subtle energy vibrations of different frequencies plan. These vibrations are low frequency, if the carry aggression, envy, anger, violence, and so on. D. High frequency vibrations are, on the contrary, goodness, love, compassion, respect and encourage the person to positive behavior.

And these vibrations come into resonance with the energy of the surrounding space like formations. resonance effect is achieved due to the intensity of the desire and confidence to achieve the desired. This interaction at the energy level can create favorable conditions for the implementation of conceived around this person.

The strongest influence on the overall space psychoenergetic have: human outlook, his attitude toward himself and others, his actions and deeds. The very sign of the energy does not have the functionality to produce energy gives man his thought forms and mental images. When combined into one, getting into each other on a subtle level, merging, individual souls engender a kind of psychic being represents a new type of mental personality that begins to control people.

Here is the "psychic being" or energy-generation, created by the people and unites them in the frequency response is called - "Egregor". In other words - it is the energy-information object in the small world that is associated with certain conditions of people, ideas, desires, aspirations

. Egregor occurs when the mandatory presence of a person. Any such energy structure carries a dependence on the energy supply of its people and the people from the idea, philosophy and the direction of energy egregore. Egregors always consciously or unconsciously use the energy of thought, speech and action.

Traditions, customs, ceremonies, celebrations, events, miracles and things like that - all this magic action. The more carefully they are designed and enforced, the more their magic power, the more they affect people. Parades, demonstrations, processions, bonfires sectarians, torch processions, fireworks, feyerverki- all this mass, various magical powers of certain actions egregors. It has become fashionable to observe fasts, and this is a direct binding itself to corresponding egregor and certain of its make-up and support.

In terms of physics, this field education is a soliton - wave packet or resonator. If some team of up to 4% of employees actively support the same idea, their collective consciousness starts to work as a resonator and influence others in support of this idea.

Energy-field can be created not only an idea, a common purpose, and desires certain qualities and defects of the people.

When a person is sick, he is connected to the egregore of the disease and begin the exchange between man and this field training. Man nurtures this parasite wave energies of your emotions, thoughts, sufferings, and egregor fueling disease in man itself.

Negative points appear in the actions egregor when he begins to level, to suppress the individuality of people, customizing them under certain ideas under a common worldview. In this case, the person loses his individuality and becomes a part of the field a monster, executor of his will.

Psychoenergetic own space is any group of people: the family, the various organizations, the nation, the people, the state, the whole of humanity as a whole. And everywhere - from the family to humanity - are the same principles

. Relationships in the family creates a corresponding energy-field, in which children are born, their education goes, occur certain events. This field is also called the space of love, if it is built on love. all family members creates a general field, and they are responsible for the events in it. Therefore it is very important to know the laws of the formation of this space, which will create it properly.

This explains the words: "Every nation is worthy of its ruler." The general attitude of all members of society creates a space of appropriate quality, in which there is a definite head according to another saying: "An apple from the apple does not fall far." Therefore, when assessing the situation in the family, the community, the state is necessary, first of all, to assess the human material.

Egregorial properties are also the elements, natural features and phenomena. His energy-space create mountains and rivers, seas, oceans, plants and trees, exerting a powerful influence on the behavior and health of the people. In the formation of "human" field structures the main factor is the quality of participants of the process. Consciousness has each person, with some individuals have a highly developed consciousness and they alone can come into contact with a different energy form, for example, with the consciousness of the planet, the universe and so on. D.

Hence arises a significant human influence on events in the world and a huge responsibility for the fact that the world we create our thoughts and actions.

The individual may also be egregore. Especially now you can see many different so-called religious schools, leaders and initiators of the idea that they themselves create their egregore. Where deliberately, and where and unknowingly, by various methods they collect the energy of his disciples, followers, stakeholders, the energy is concentrated, and then use them to solve their personal problems.

A contactee-operatorovvyhodyat to communicate various field of education or energy-essentially, sounding "teachers", "holy", "angels", and so on. D. All depends on the consciousness of Person for some understanding of it comes out, this answer and it is given. The path to harmony can only show the one who is harmonious himself !!!

Many people are happy to come to any egregor take his outlook, because it frees them from the need to think for themselves, to choose, themselves set goals and objectives of their own to decide and take responsibility for those decisions. But every choice, every independent step is to work, it is freedom, this is the man!

The energy of love opens up access to any egregor. Love is the most powerful unifying!

Quite often, which came under the power of self-destruction egregor program may be laid down, in the event of his influence. So do with their "clients" egregors those who drink hard liquor, drug addicts, criminals, prostitutes, and other sectarians.

It is in conflict, quarrels, collision egregor finds himself "food" in the form of splashes of negative human energy. Inharmonious person seeking freedom outside itself and is the material from which they are built, and the essence of the field-monsters. Users define their internal state of his life. Servile psychology makes us look egregor or create it.

United on the basis of certain set of personality traits, according to the saying: "His brother-- flock together", people create psychoenergetic education called egregore

. The difference between progressive and conservative egregor is in relation to the future. Any egregor bears a grudge present day.

Dissatisfaction is and this occurs when the internal disharmony of man. From submission to field formations save human knowledge, faith and love. The more a man dissatisfied with himself, the more he wants to imitate others. Imitation is also growing with the growth of self-doubt. Imitating the man tends to be like somebody, masked, hiding. In this case, he does not want to take responsibility, and this leads to a loss of identity.

Egregor. On the field influence on the behavior of people

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Influenced egregor man emulates even more than when he was out. This once again confirms that egregor negates the personality and individuality of mutes. The growth of spirituality allows you to get away from the action of a particular field of education.

Even simple acts of kindness and deeds contribute to the transformation of the space, and the different manifestations of love dramatically increase the efficiency of transformation. Egregors interaction with a person is in accordance with its internal state, with the disclosure in it of love, with the presence of knowledge, in accordance with its worldview.

When the family in the relationship between man and woman is dialed a certain number of difficulties and problems, love leaves the first position and in a pair appears psycho-energetic mediator - egregor couple starts to get negative characteristics. They gave birth to his own, and fed their conflicts and quarrels, splashing film outside. The worse the relationship in a pair, the more powerful mediator and now he has the offensive, causing the couple to corresponding actions, thoughts and words.

People who are in a low state of consciousness at the time created the image of the devil, we got rid of it all negative energies have nourished it, and then began to be afraid. Everything is in the mind of man. Wisdom - a mind full of love, and then the mind there is no place to the devil. Only one obstacle exists on the way to a happy life - it is our laziness! Today, literacy is needed spiritual person at the present level.

We must first understand that all life situations are not rolled on the man, and he breaks them. In life you should never rape situation, she always resolve itself. Love - it is protection from evil! Faced with evil, we usually get frustrated, that is dissolved in itself this evil vibration. But this and sought an evil man, and we are poisoning ourselves, come home and poison home and loved ones. If we love one's enemy, the evil vibrations have affected us and with tremendous force to hit the person who sent the evil impulse.

All our actions go into energy-field, because they are forms of energy. It is stored there and, at a certain moment, when it should be returned back to us. How you have a lot of thought-forms or form acts a negative direction, so they will often roll in on you. This so-called bad luck! Most people do not want to understand that age brings no illness, and the organization of life.

Happiness and neschaste- a state of mind. The need exists only in the mind of man. It is the mind - the main illusionist in life. For most people, the mind is constantly living in a state of "I want"! And so it is in an excited state because of the many "want". And this "want" has hold of a man and begins to command and control it.

In pursuit of this or that people need to lose yourself. The best remedy for needs - it returns! Always give as much as you want to receive! And what can a man give an infinite number in order to receive as much? Of course - Love !!! It is in the love of man and an infinite number of this resource should be used.

It must be good to all understand that when it reaches a critical mass of money gain consciousness (conscious way), and having a lot of money interacts with consciousness egregor money and this becomes its own consciousness drugim- he starts to behave arrogantly, notices of old friends and relatives, disrespectful to the people around him, and so on. d.

human suffering energy pumps egregor common evil. Particularly valuable power flow caused by the human suffering in times of famine, disease, panic. Or when a person begins to be jealous, envy, greed is under the influence of feelings of lust, hatred.

Most importantly, there was a process of suffering. This low frequency egregor requires not just got some energy and psi-energy creative, creative. This wave a specialized energy-filled central force through human suffering. The latter, it does not matter, they are physical or mental, when they become excessive, then squeeze out all human power and, above all, his creativity.

Uptime technology creating human suffering has always been and remains the disorientation of society consciousness, to put it simply - a total lie. The essence lies one - withdrawal of the human mind from the truth. False excitation energy fields by means of the information "key". It is necessary that the "key" fits the giant flywheel power - egregore. This applies equally to the mind's appeals, confirming the popular saying: "What goes around - comes around»

! Author: Boris Ratnikov


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