The new goal Tesla Motors: the release of 500,000 electric vehicles by 2018

Elon Musk even sleeps at the factory, so as not to break away from the solutions of current issues

Surprisingly, even for themselves, the company Tesla Motors has received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for a new model of electric vehicle, Tesla Model 3. With the number of potential customers the company miscalculated - by his own admission mask, the calculation was on the same tens of thousands, rather than hundreds. Now the number of pre-orders reached nearly 400 thousand, and continues to increase with each passing day. Musk expects half a million pre-orders for the summer. All is good, but the bottleneck here is the performance of the company's factories. They do not have time to cope even with the orders on the Tesla Model X, which is not so much that all that talk about the hundreds of thousands.

To solve the problem, the company set a goal - to increase production to 500,000 electric vehicles by 2018. Earlier, a similar goal was set, only the date was different - 2020. It is clear that to achieve this goal will have to work very hard - everyone, and leadership, and ordinary employees. Elon Musk is so carried away by the process that, in his own words, even sleeps at the factory.

He and his team are planning to become the best machine manufacturers in the world. The team is planning to recruit staff, and soon will be opened dozens (maybe hundreds) of new jobs.

At the same time, two top managers - Vice President about the production and vice president of production, Tesla Motors had left a few hours before Musk announced new plans. He was not embarrassed, and now head of Tesla Motors ┬źanticipates", that by 2020 the company will have to ship 1 million electric cars.

With regard to the Model 3, the ship of its customers will begin no earlier than the end of 2017. No one can say whether the Tesla is able to cope with this load, in spite of efforts to mask. It is possible that there will be setbacks terms. By Model X problems started already, by the way - instead of 4500 electric company was able to deliver in the first quarter of 2400. The total order is only 16,000 Tesla Motors was able to perform not only supplied 14,820 freight cars. But here we are about thousands of orders. But in the case of Tesla Model 3, the bill goes to the hundreds of thousands. Perhaps with the introduction to the work of "Gigafabriki Tesla┬╗ situation will improve. Do you think if it will work at Tesla implement their plans? Of course, there's no doubt I do not know, but I hope this is unlikely, too many things to do, the Tesla can not cope Voted 493 people. Abstain 74 people. Only registered users can participate in the survey. Come in, please.



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