The mystery of quantum physics: two-slit experiment

In short, quantum physics - the science, in which the fundamental role played by the effects manifest themselves, usually at the microcosm level, but with the investigation on the macrocosm level


She is studying the atomic and subatomic particles, and, in fact, refutes many of Newtonian physics, the theory of relativity, etc. Around quantum physics is constantly a lot of heated debate, and this science is now being actively developed. Let's go ...
We begin with a paradoxical experiment the dual nature of light and the role of the "observer»:

In fact, there are two famous American film - «The Secret» (The Secret) and «? What the bleep do we know» (What do we know?), Popularized some of the ideas of quantum physics (in particular - a unity of matter, thought and information , and "the ability to change the world by thinking»).

They simply stirred the world community, we have received a great number of awards and fans. However, criticism from the scientific world, they got at least ...

In any case, I believe that they should see, because a grain of truth in them is still there, and they are made very high quality.

And then - will be even more interesting!


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