20 pictures, which you look and you do not believe your eyes

can be the best photographer in the world, but sometimes, in order to make the most successful picture is only required to be at the right time in the right place and time to press the button. < Website publish photos to create that do not use any graphics editors, only attention and creative photographer view.

Spider wove cobweb in listke.

View of a million dollars .

first polet.

Ladybug flying on seed oduvanchika.

half-open podsolnuh.

lightning at New York zalive.

Scientists study the direction and intensity of the wind by using a colored dyma.

coolest duck in mire.

On Lune.

Buddha statue, holding ... samolet.

Seagull, grabbed ice cream at prohozhego.

cloud, similar to tsunami.

mantis on velosipede.

Game mashinki.

Swimmer at swimming championships on short distantsii.

Mass swim on water lyzhah.

Frozen snow remaining on the trees after navodneniya.

Children float on the crystal clear lake in Malayzii.

Looking down from the mountain lion Golova.

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