Media: Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie divorce if she does not gain weight

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has long been shocking to fans of its thinness and the rapid decrease in weight!

Many explain this special diet, which includes "ancient grains." - Millet, buckwheat and quinoa (quinoa)

"Angelina has always been a fan of seeds and grains, but in recent years this love has reached a new level. It literally eats like a bird, eating only cereals. Angie says that they provide it with nutrients and improve skin color. But the problem is that she still can not combine this food with fruit, meat and fish! "- Said a source close to the star

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As a result, such a diet Jolly brought to exhaustion, in connection with which it urgently hospitalized. According to publications, Angie was in the hospital with critical low weight - 35 kilograms! Moreover, its height is 169 cm, which is why the irreversible process started in the body of the actress.

The fact that Jolie anorexia, the last six months writing all the world's tabloids.


Jolie began rapidly losing weight after in 2007 by her mother died of cancer - Marcheline. In 2013, Angelina has removed the breast, and two years later - the ovaries, to minimize the chances of getting cancer

. "He told her that if she did not go to a rehabilitation center, he will leave and take their children with them. He wants Angie focused on himself and his family, it is too late. Brad loves his wife and wants her to be healthy, and she does not care about himself, "- said the source of the tabloid

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