Interesting products of "IKEA"

Inspired by the great success of his work among the masses, designers ikeevskih price tags came together in a burst of creative delirium and plucked out a clot of sublimation directly to the court judges. In this issue, you expect kuhlik with handle, lamp-killer, the results of the bloody regime of brutal torture and abuse of stimulants fruits. Kuhlik-2, an upgraded model, a creative hybrid of the teapot and jug, ceramic centaur and something with a pen. Ktulhika cousins. Expected mozheli "Kuhlik Alive" and "Kuhlik Returns»:

Zookashpo (the name already makes you wonder) "gnome-rider»

More zookashpo two: one - a lady's dog, and the second - a playful dog. What is the difference? Of course, in diameter: the ladies at twelve and a half centimeters, and in a playful seven point six.

But the lady herself. She tray:

The absence of legs it has the sun does not prevent him to love you, because of its size - as many as twenty-two centimeters!


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