20+ photos that will prove to you that physics - it's fun!

As the hero of the popular comedy series: physics - it's everywhere. Today we will not talk about the eternal confrontation between the techies and the humanities. We just show how fun and interesting you can make your life, if you just have a good understanding of the physics.

Perhaps one of the most original ways to apply their knowledge of physics - to build something like


Wonders of balancing various objects always look very impressive. B>

And the more of these objects -. The steeper

While there may be only three


Or even two. B>

And yet physicists very cool sense of humor. B>

physics requires literally everywhere. B>

You can always amaze friends humanities funny tricks. B>

Knowledge of physics is very helpful in everyday life. Vodicka pour yourself on a plane, for example.

And if you think that physics - it's too hard, take a look: even walrus mastered it


posomtrite as interesting compass responds to a magnet. B>

For fun, you can do here are the pictures and say that you finally gathered the courage to leave the Euclidean space

And, of course, miracles with his own body. B>

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