How the sleeping areas of the United States: 25 pictures from Houston


LiveJournal blogger Mechanismone lives and works in Houston, USA. In his blog he describes the various fascinating aspects of everyday reality surrounding him. Site publishes a post Alexey dedicated device to a typical residential area of ​​Houston. < 1 Design -. Important element of the construction, which is underestimated by many, because of the lack of design produced the same type of Khrushchev areas, which continue to be built sleeping areas of modern Russia. Personally, I find it unacceptable.

The layout and arrangement of each of the new district in the United States is coordinated with the general plan of development to areas not built randomly, and have a complete infrastructure around.


2. Now, having moved down from highway residents get access to through the streets that lead to the sleeping area. The speed limit on these streets are usually - 48 km / h, the lowest speed mode in the US, in addition to school zones, restricted - 30 km / h

. The ideal scheme of construction areas - near the highway in the plaza, followed by apartments and suites only begin at home. But this plan is not always observed.


3. To access road adjacent streets have just streets with houses. All the houses in the area should be based on the general design plan, so that the area looked neat area of ​​houses is more or less the same, the lining material may vary, roof type at all identical and of the same color. Thus there is no "rainbow" of colors, which is found in the Russian villages. However, the developer has the right to build two identical houses in the same area.


4. garbage collected twice a week, if you want to divide the trash, the plastic and paper can be put into separate baskets, they will take another wheelie machine .




6. Most of the houses built in the area immediately, however the area is already being completed populated. All construction waste is stored inside the building and does not take away the streets. All homes are built under the key - so that you can immediately enter the furniture and live

. 802bc6793f.jpg

7. The district created an irrigation system, which is transformed into a system of canals and small rivers for recreation and fishing. In addition to the drainage system in the rains, the system supports the ecosystem.


8. After building up in fish and ponds inhabit different animal. Sometimes animals are inconvenienced, for example, last year a family of beavers otgryzla piece of board with my fence to finish his dam.


9. Natural rivers are refined and transformed into the same channels.


10. Here and there are built small dams to raise the water level. The channels are regularly cleaned, the depth is checked, in the case of deviations from the plan are carried out routine dredging.






13. Why in Moscow can not be beautiful garages instead of panel boxes?




15. In addition to homes, the developer is obliged to make a full internal infrastructure, which includes pedestrian zones, golf and soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball and playground , outdoor swimming pools and so on. d.


16. Despite the large area inside the house are "cavern", the number of homes in the cubbyhole usually ranges from 100 to 300. Inside of the cavern there through roads, thus missing in transit traffic. Sam nook is 3-4 to exit the driveway.

. 7923315515.jpg

17 Playground nobody surrounded by a fence, they are not concreted, the land is filled special rubber trim or river pebbles, if the child will fall - he did not get hurt .




19. navigation signs on every street corner. In general, the navigation in the United States a full order, can only be lost absolutely not looking at Nafanja pointers.

. 54196c66e4.jpg

20 Signs help navigate while driving in an unfamiliar area: do not turn left, that is, to a dead end street

... 17604dc046.jpg

21. Ramp, Varlamov would be pleased.




23. Follow Lawn obliged every home owner of a lawn you can do anything, but it should be neat. Otherwise, you will receive a warning, followed by, if you do not clean up in two weeks - a fine of $ 1,000. Particularly dull send a second penalty in two weeks more - $ 5000

. 1d94f068a7.jpg

24. Is it not possible to make such lawns in Moscow in residential areas?


I will note a few things:

In Houston there are bad neighborhoods and ghettos, but I walked in their area. Such areas in the city, most, and ghetto areas occupy a very small area compared to areas such areas. This home can afford anyone who learned at the university, in spite of paid training, it is always possible to find the money - it would be the desire to learn. The cost of homes in the area ranges from 150 to 300 thousand. Dollars, it all depends on the area and type of house with a backyard. The most expensive house - overlooking the golf course and access to the channels. The living area is in the range of 300 - 800 sq. m. In Moscow there is a similar area, built on the American gene. plan, called the area Millennium Park, the only question is why this area is only one, and why he can afford only millionaires, while in America this area - the norm. Yes, the weather was bad.



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