Anonymous Confessions maids: Most horror stories about the guests

"We hope to see you again," - smiling, says hotel manager behind the counter. And I think to myself, "I hope this will never happen." Online social project Reddit hotel staff from different countries spoke about the most bizarre, eccentric and intimidating lodgers, with whom they had to deal.

Man Pie

"I Stayed here as a guy we nicknamed pie. He did not reserve the room, but just arrived and demanded to settle it. I pay in cash. Plus, leave a deposit of $ 100. Going into his room to get out, the maid discovered the bathroom cakes and pies from a local bakery. Sweets were everywhere: on the floor, in the bathroom, on the walls, on the towels ... For your pledge guy did not come back, perhaps he knew that he did not return. After he was gone, we made it to the list of unwanted guests. However, after this incident, he was trying to get us to the hotel several times, using a different name. »

Company sex dolls

"Once in my shift when I was behind the administrator's desk, a guy came up to me and asked if he could move to another room, more spacious. According to him, it is necessary in order to place next to a 11 inflatable sex dolls ... »

Vanished amateur porn

"The room took a young guy. Of the things he had a VCR and a cardboard box. Before he could settle as from other hotel guests complaints began to arrive at the loud noise coming from his room. We checked - indeed, heart-rending cries were heard. We had to call the police. Entering the room, we found sex toys scattered everywhere, the TV is a porn films ... the guy at the same time was not there. As a result, he never came back. »

< Water from the toilet

"One woman at the reception called and asked why she had in the closet all gurgles and bubbles are seen. I tried to explain to the lady that might need to try to press the flush button and everything will stop. However, the woman did not agree and instead said that descend and bring water with bubbles. I had no time to talk her out of ... Five minutes later, she really went down in the elevator with a glass of clean water. "Oh, but a moment ago, there were bubbles", - she said. I was just ready to bang your head on the

wall. "Death after dinner

"One day at our hotel there was a truly horrible story. To us came an elderly couple. They ordered an expensive dinner and had a good time and went to the room. In the morning we saw a note on their door, "Do not go, call the police." In the end, it turned out that one of the spouses suffers from an incurable disease. Therefore, the pair decided to take the terrible step: take cyanide and leave this world together »


The bed ritual

"I brought the food to the room, knocked on the door, I came in and saw a woman lying in bed ... In general, nothing unusual about it. But, you know, that I was very impressed? Seven half-naked men who stood silently around the room and just stared at the bed. »

< Blood and escape

"Once we were settled in a family with two daughters, eight years old. They paid cash for two nights and retired to his room. Two days later the family was not to surcharges. Since voluntarily move out guests did not want to, we called the police. However, guests retreated before the law and order of the prison until they arrived. When we realized that they had escaped, then they came into the room. And they were afraid. Everywhere there was a terrible mess, but the main thing that struck us - it's a pile of baby clothes, soiled in the blood ... I hope that the children of this couple in

order. "

Immured people

"I am not an employee of the hotel, but I have a story that happened to my friend's parents. They went on vacation in Las Vegas, checked into a good hotel. Entering the room, they heard a terrible smell. Based on it from the bed. Together with the manager they inspected the bed, the mattress, but found nothing. Then an employee of the hotel bed and pulled ... From wall fell off a piece, and then dropped dead prostitute apparently killed and left there the previous lodger. Parents friend were
indescribable horror. »
< An elderly lady with lobster

"At one time I worked part time cleaning the rooms at the hotel. One day, as usual manager sent me to clean the room, where the only person that left. I went inside, there was really empty. But when I opened the bathroom door, then horrified. In the bathroom, she sat naked woman and to her nipples were attached lobsters. I went out. Decided to give the lady time, so that she could finish her strange ritual. »

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