"A sea of ​​red lotus" - the amazing beauty of the lake in Thailand

Every year, from November to March, it is a huge lake of 32 square kilometers is covered by millions of delightful lotus. Crowds of tourists come to this place, to see for such a beauty! This lake is located in the north-east of Thailand near the city Kumphavapi. Officially pond called Nong Han Kumphavapi, but the locals called him "a sea of ​​red lotus».

< Website can not take his eyes off of these photos! Let's admire in the "sea of ​​red lotus" together!

It is best to come to the lake in dekabre

best pictures are obtained in the morning from 6 to 11, when the lotus flowers are fully raskryvayutsya

Despite the local name, the lotus flowers are not red and rich pink. The lake left "passages" for the boats in the lotus fields themselves are trying to disturb as possible menshe

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