Most Interesting Metamorphoses Stars: Before and After Plastic

A rare man 100% satisfied with their appearance, but is it always to "improve nature" experiments yield the desired result? Let's look at the metamorphosis of stars.

< Alla Pugacheva

Diva is not one surprised us the ability to dramatically transformed, but in December 2015 the first fans simply do not know. "From the old Alla left the living space. No one smiles, nose, eyes, even those not "- writes in social networks. Someone did and decided that it was not Pugacheva and parodist. (In the photo the singer with her stylist Alisher).

In fact, the effect of a "foreign" person on the top picture - the result of overzealous Photoshop, by the way, is absolutely unnecessary, because without retouching clear that Pugacheva - a brand for which there is a lot of work, including (and especially) on a.

Sergei Zverev

According to one version, sounded in the media, Sergei had to remake the face after a car accident in 1995 year. We will not understand the reasons, but simply show the difference.

Incidentally, during the Soviet era the future shocking stylist served in air defense, and even helped to command a platoon.

Masha Rasputina

Sprightly leggy cabaret singer from the 90's is almost completely redrew the appearance of the new millennium, starting with lip augmentation and breast and who knows what the outcome. In any case, the current Masha can be found only through the former dimples and corporate voice hoarse.

Before and after the glory: an unknown young Siberian Alla Ageev (singer birth name) and superzvezda- "heavyweight" Masha Rasputina


Valery Leontiev

"I take care of myself - yes, sometimes mixed with rigidity and fanaticism, because the actor looks good - duty to the audience" - said the chief zinger domestic platform. However, he says that he did "not so much plastic", as he is credited with, and believes that his features have not changed much.

Julia Volkova

Even rare for Russian artists world-wide fame, which at the time fell on the duet "Tatu", failed to convince Julia to her natural charms. Botox, collagen and transparent nymphet tattooing turned into a sensual seductress, but the freshness of the young age of 30 was gone.

Mickey Rourke

If boxing injury marred face Rourke, the reconstructive surgery of his disfigured. The actor once complained to reporters that he had fallen under the knife "wrong guy" and as a result lost their own features. It was "sent to the knock-out" the main Hollywood sex symbol of the 80s and 90s.

Megan Fox

Fortunately, the place and laudable metamorphosis: cute girly-simpleton from the American south has become like a fairy tale, in a luxury vamp


29-year-old actress, model and girlfriend Ninja Turtles swears, what not to do with his face absolutely nothing not to pump up her lips, not pricked Botox, did not change shape of the nose and cheekbones and jaw line ... In general, choose what to believe: ears or eyes.

Donatella Versace

And here's another fairy tale heroine: Queen of fashion with the "witch" appearance. For the chief designer of the last 15 years as if Versace crossed once in half a century, and yet at the pictures on the right it's not yet 60.

"I do not believe in an absolute natural for women," - once said Donatella, recognizing that makes Botox. I want to agree? Hardly.

Nicole Kidman

Here is the paradox: when hundreds of thousands of women dream of wild curly mane, its happy owner, usually the dream "tame" her and "to iron»


But Nicole did not stop there: "inflated" lip and was fascinated by local braces and Botox that it at times brazenly brings


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