running Life

< Svetlana Andronicus-Shimanovskaya

Day earlier rolled over potholes,
And the phone, broke loose,
Bells of the seeds in the morning.
But while whispering at his shoulder: "Be patient,
I'll give you a little bit of happiness
During the years of gratuitousness in the way. ''
And customize the ribs with the butt,
They say that the best course ahead:
'' That figure it out from the last decade,
And happiness will be warm in his hand. "

The dotted line raced on the highway,
Adding speed of life is vanity,
It flashed titles a month,
Creeping line of important dates.
It looks like you're barefoot on the fugitive,
Feet aching worn
nudity From traveled roads, but for the sake of happiness,
The patience does not need asking.
And the tribute given to "eleventh" decade,
You'll understand that you're tired before happiness ...

Behaving unequal battle with calendars,
Think out, not finishing his coffee,
You tattered dreams finals on the run,
And in a moment already residential area
Evening Lights on the snow.
And the day the taste you hardly felt
Dopesh uneven gulps.
But their list of alternatives
Colored pencils podvedesh,
After all, happiness is that you are alive today ...


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