The use of salt in the garden - excellent results!

Sometimes, instead of fertilizers and pesticides, you can use the most common products such as salt, sugar, garlic, yogurt, mustard.

For example, we see the first signs on tomato late blight. To save the results, it is necessary to accelerate their maturation. For these purposes are usually advised to fertilize tomatoes potassium and phosphorus. But there is a better and easier.

Take 1 liter of water 100 g of sodium chloride and this solution spray the diseased plant. After spraying of the leaves turn yellow and fall off, the plant growth will stop and all their force will go on ripening. In addition, a thin film of salt, which will appear on the fruit, will protect them from further development of the infection. But you can not wait until the thunder breaks out, and as a preventive measure, you can sprinkle the plants with fresh garlic extract (50 grams per bucket of water) or a solution of fermented kefir (1 liter per bucket of water).

Another problem - bad beet growing. In a little more than the size of root crops of radish, and not sweet. In this case, you will also help to salt. Dissolve in a bucket of water 35 - 50 g, and Feed the plants. However, such a fertilizer made in the early summer when there will be when eight true leaves on plants. The saline solution is poured is not at the root, and in the furrows at a distance of 10 cm from the root crops.

With butterfly - cabbage can be controlled as follows. Prepare a thick sugar syrup. Pour into a saucer and postavte them around the cabbage beds on high pedestals. In each container, place a pinch of yeast. As a result of the fermentation happens peculiar smell, which will attract pests. Arriving at the bait, cabbage pierid stick to the saucer and not be able to fly.

In rainy weather, too many slugs. They spoil strawberry leaves and berries absorb completely. Slugs are active more often in the evening, at night or early in the morning. During the day they hide somewhere in the shade under the boards, in the thick grass. These are the places where slugs must be sprinkled with dry mustard.

Are you sure you really break the potatoes. And you know very well how to wait for the harvest in the fall, and if it is on your estimates is not very big, do so for the next year. In a prepared garlic solution (1 kg of crushed garlic for 10 liters of water), it is necessary to hold the planting of about 8 hours. This will help to disinfect the seeds, and promote future plant growth. Experience shows that in this case the yield is higher by 30 -. 50%

That year in a row rotting onions! Blame onion fly. Notice yellowed feathers bow - immediately pour the bed of a large table salt (10 sqm 1 kg.soli) and a good ground to spill water to dissolve the salt.


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