Domodedovo sketches

On the occasion was in Domodedovo airport - here comes the permanent repairs and changes occur regularly. For example, for advertising purposes screwed to the ceiling Mercedes E-Class: now passengers have something to spend a couple of shots in their digital cameras. Blinks all the time - people like machine.

At first I, of course, the Germans struck by advertising budgets - in fact expensive promote your product in a place like this and also manage to place items on the ceiling. Then I wondered: how safe and similar accommodation? And then I looked closer to the wheels of the "gelding": it turned out that the car is a sham! I was the first thing alerted appearance of the brake discs - they clearly cast plastic baits, and then I saw that there was no support and most of the braking system, well and soon the wheels themselves - with scrutiny - were plastic. It is not hard to guess that the whole Mercedes - plastic copy. It is unlikely that a car with such a mass of anyone in their right mind would allow to hang over the heads of people.

via stillavinsergei


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