Tibet through the eyes of famous Russian lawyer

Andrei Stolbunov - well-known Russian human rights activist and lawyer, leader of the public organization "Justice", as well as a biker, a full Membury Russian Way MCC, traveler, explorer, journalist, in July 2010, has made a unique 25-day expedition to Tibet.

The road lay in Tibet through Nepal. Distance from Moscow to Doha - 3568 km, almost exactly to the south. Time Difference (-) for 1 hour. At 00 h 15 min., Local time, flight to Kathmandu (capital of Nepal), the distance from Doha to Kathmandu 3368 km., Almost exactly to the east, so that nearly 4, 5 hour flight. Wi Fi and socket - the only place in the airport of Doha in Qatar, where there is both!

In Kathmandu, the Nepalese greet fun. Senior welcoming introduction - "Gennady" :-))). For luggage seized, in hopes of earning a man 5 shipping and dragged into a car. I had to take the "Petrovich" 500 rubles (in the sense of rupees - the local currency). It turned out much as much as $ 7. Enough for everyone, even drivers.

It remains unclear - a section on the counter like most yogis, but the flag in the hands of Stolbunova they have learned immediately. Surrounded instantly! Andrew had no choice but to surrender to the countless entreaties Yogi photographed with them at least once!


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