Another major killer in a jeep.

For the third day in Odessa is talking about this tragedy. In the night from Friday to Saturday at Williams Street, near the nightclub "Plasma" major accident occurred. The driver of a black jeep "Toyota Prado" with "cool" license plate "4000" at high speed crashed into standing in front of "Mercedes-Lanos". As described in the duty of oblGAI driver silvery "Daewoo" died on the spot, and his passenger was seriously injured and is in intensive care. After the collision, passenger car drove standing on the right side of her car "Mitsubishi Lancer." That, in turn, struck a parked next to "Toyota Crown", and she - "Toyota Camry". Meanwhile jeep issued to the oncoming lane, where it crashed into the "Mitsubishi Galant". 30-year-old driver of the last car also injured. She hit "VAZ-2101", and he - "Daewoo Sens." After the collision with the "Galant" car "Toyota Prado" hit back in two parked cars - "BMW" and "Jake." Last strike the "Audi A3". In addition, injured another woman who left the scene, refused hospitalization. The documents record that damaged 11 cars. However, the correspondent of "Odesinforma" morning on the ceiling section of the street Williams averaged 12 affected machines, and 4 of them are completely broken.


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