Elena Daragan-Suschova

Here's what I need today - a thunderstorm!
To the black clouds, like crow wings,
Windswept, entwined in heaven
And arrow bursting under the roar of the dragon

A lightning shine touching the ground,
From the dream awakened heart and nerves,
Bubble flow is brought for,
As a symbol of the union of faith and bad weather!

Inhale to the element, and forget everything!
And, throwing clothes at the edge of the break,
Desperate beast in the ferment,
Not hiding from the harsh wind and thunder!

And let all in a fright! Rain, finally,
Moments of samsara in the rebel storm,
When the bustle of UNIMA, the creator
From mash secret offer different.

Those feelings that sleep within me still,
Resurrected in the mysteries restless.
Element - salvation, as the shot point blank ...
Falling to his knees, ochnus revived.


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