It - it Schrödinger cat

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It - it Schrödinger cat
. In his view, it reads
its verdict today:
from the heat of the native blue eyes lives
their indifference dies;
and when it is not close - and she does not know,
I have it or not have it.

She - his test
despair or, perhaps, desperate
it slightly when it is strained
anticipating the end of the regularity of
shy to
uncertainty and angry inside sinking
I am trying not to think of the safe cipher:
whether the sounds of words, or breathing rhythm
or simply - silent

. It is - it is inevitable, it would
not cancel, so at least delay the final
to say empty phrases
hiding mistimed tenderness
step back from reality
do not give him a look;
Aware of the impossibility of escape
play feigned negligence
another day, another year, another two.

Just to be here and observe:
like swaying grass leaves
a fly in the headlights snow flakes
like a sword sharpened acutely
overcoming air resistance
remove excess weight from the shoulders
forgotten how to know the importance
But the world - the world is as it was not,
will re-emerge disappear
squeak Tamagotchi forgotten unlucky.
Not he started - he did not finish.


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